Drink up, gals !

This is the illustration that started it all...

100% Boys Tears illustrations have inspire me to design several different

accessories and apparel. It's the iconic drink for the Valfré Gal.

                                     100% Boys Tears iphone 5 case

                                                        100% Boys Tears muscle tee



                                       100% Boys Tears tote bag


On Tuesday, October 28th you'll have the chance to get your very own

Boys Tears 3D case for your iPhone 5. You'll also be able to pre-order

this case for the iPhone 6.  






VALFRÉ pop-shop
Thank you so much for everybody who stop by last night. 
You guys are incredible and my daily inspiration
I Love you !
And last but not least, the JAPAN LA crew
you girls are great hosts
Muchas Gracias!
P.S.The pop-up shop will be up until Sep 30th, so stop by if you are in L.A.


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