In Your Dreams: What Your Dreams Mean

What do your dreams really mean? Below you will find some of the most common dreams and their meaning, but in all honesty dreams can mean a number of different things depending on your situation. On the research done we collected a few meanings that might be most common for you. Enjoy!

1. Falling


Falling dreams are probably the most frightening, and having no control in your life can be a big part of the reason for you having this dream. Falling has also been linked to having high anxiety and feeling like you are failing in something in your life.

2. Nudity 

Having a dream that you can’t find your clothes or worse, can’t keep them on? Nudity dreams tend to follow from having stress with emotional vulnerability. If you are trying to hide something and not trying to be exposed in someone you don’t really trust, you may dream of being nude. Its totally ok, it happens to the best of us. Just try and relax and remember, it was only a dream. Thank goodness!

3. Water

So depending on the condition of water in your dream is a huge factor on what your dream really means! When you dream of calm soothing waves or sitting by a body of water relaxing it could mean you are doing quite well in your life! The conditions you are experiencing is a reflection of your life! If you are in rocky waters and are stressed than maybe it’s time to reevaluate.

4. Immobility


Being chased and your feet aren’t moving nearly as fast as you would like them to? Yeah we’ve all had one of those dreams, but what do they mean? In some research, it is known that when you are moving slower than you expect in your dreams that it’s due to attempting to accomplish too much that’s on “your plate”. Also, this type of dream is linked to being overwhelmed and not having the right attitude while finishing your work!

5. Trapped

If you are dreaming you are being trapped in a small confined place it has a lot to do with you being conscious of bad decisions or being in a bad situation. The fact that you are aware of it makes you feel almost like you’re suffocating! When having a dream of being trapped, step back and really find what is making your life so negative and evaluate it!

6. Demons

Have you ever been in the middle of dreaming and out of nowhere you start getting chased by a monster? No one is ever too old for those dreams. Dreams like those come from repressing your emotions and leaving things unfinished.

7. Death

When dreaming of someone you know dying, it has many possible meanings. The most common meaning is that you are trying to make more emotional space for someone new, so when you dream of that person dying, it may be to make room for someone new. It also may mean you are going through an emotional change and the person dying isn’t helping you during this time. Nothing personal, it’s just your subconscious trying to shake you up!

8. Hair

Hair, whether you are dreaming or just living your day to day life, seems to be very important to everyone! It’s been said that when you dream about hair that it can represent you sexuality. When dreaming of full, voluminous hair that you are very comfortable in your sexuality and possibly thriving, but when dreaming of losing hair it could mean a drop in your libido. Now why you have that dream is something you’ll have to figure out on your own.

9. Voices

When dreaming that you can’t speak, it may mean that you aren’t listening to your inner psyche enough or just not listening in your day to day life. If you are unable to talk in your dream and find yourself with no voice it could also mean that you are losing control and feel you are not being heard.

10. Murder

Sure, we don’t talk about it because it may seem a little crazy but dreaming about killing someone isn’t all that uncommon. If you dream of yourself killing someone it may mean you have a desire to kill part of yourself to make room for a better you! This dream in particular is a perfect example of you trying to change your personality for something better.