Girl Crush: Francis Lola

One of our favorite muses and pink haired style icons, Francis Lola (AKA Flamcis), adventured around Silverlake with us last week to get some ice cream and snap some photos. Read below to find out her hair secrets (the color is always on point!), spirit animal, and how she got into blogging full time. Also be sure to subscribe to her new youtube channel

How'd you come up with the name Flamcis?
It's actually a nickname I got in high school. It's a combination of my first & last name.
Get the look: Angelique Dress 
Spirit animal?
A sloth. I just like to move at my own pace and be in my own world.
Get the look: Ursula Dress 
How'd you get into blogging full time?
I just really gave it my all. I started blogging as a hobby because fashion has always been a huge interest of mine. Once I started getting more work and got attention from more brands, I decided to turn blogging into a career by giving it everything I had. I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything else!
What's a must have item in your closet this Summer?
Some strappy bikinis!
What's on your current playlist?
Drake's new album Views.
Get the look: Chill Pill
Any hair secrets?
My hair gets tangled easily, so brushing it often. Washing with cold water (helps to preserve the color). & Using lots of dry shampoo!
What's next for you?
Currently trying to put more focus on my YouTube channel & also bring some depth into my blog website. Planning to do some hair + make up tutorial vids and get a little more personal on my blog. I didn't realize this before, but I learned that a lot of my readers really just want to get to know me!