June Horoscopes


My lovely Aries, this year is all about being in tune with yourself. Figure out what you want and need in your life, based off of that make rational decisions on what needs to be changed. You are a natural when it comes to change, making you effortlessly adaptable to new environments. So don’t be afraid to listen to what your heart says, it is likely that you’ll make the right decision regardless because of your innovative and independent personality. To match your lifestyle, get yourself Bitchin’ & Sippin’. Even through unexpected change and events in your life you’ll be bitchin’ and sippin’ because you are, Aries.


This month for you will be focused on your career. There is some big changes coming. Whether it be a new position, a raise, or a possible career change. Do not be afraid to dream big, your hard working ethic will get you to where you need to be. In order to accommodate your exciting lifestyle, wear something full of edge and flair. The page dress is a perfect addition to your spring wardrobe. The added sass will influence others around you, resulting in an arise of serious affinity.

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The birthday babe of the month! Get excited because this month will be full of euphoria. If you have been feeling a bit homesick, this month will be the time to rejoice. From family gatherings to much needed bestie time, you’ll finally have the time to reunite with your nearest and dearest. Around the time of your birthday you will have a change in perception. Your adaptable and clever personality will be your muse, allowing you to delve into new and exciting interests. You will soon find out that you’ll be needing an essential dress, in that there will be many occasions where it will be needed. The angelique dress is ideal for gemini's because of the floral vibes that feel just right for any occasion.

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The month of June for cancers will be busy. You will notice a shift in you attention, instead of focusing on yourself you’ll find more importance in work. There might be times where you will be feeling overwhelmed and overworked. As soon as you notice yourself becoming exhausted make sure to be honest with yourself. Make sure to take a chill pill, relax, and examine your stressors. You might find that the littlest of problems are causing your exhaustion, so eliminate or change the things that are causing stress and anxiety. It is important to first take care of yourself this month. Find productive hobbies that you find the most amount of pleasure in, and go with it.


You have been working very hard for the past few months on a personal project. The beginning of this month will call for tedious last minute touches. With this, there will be a lot of planning to be done. The heart of glass backpack will be your lifesaver this month. You’re probably already struggling trying to carry all the things you need around. Like when you’re trying to carry your laptop, coffee, and lunch all in one hand in order to open the door to your car but then your coffee spills, so now you’re guaranteed to be late to work. I know, we’ve all been there and it sucks. Prevent that from happening with the heart of glass backpack, and take that mess off of your hands. You can just throw your laptop, snacks, and lunch in there so you have a clean and successful outcome. Don’t worry because your hardworking creative energy will be paid off in June!


With an arise in romantic connections this month, you’ll find yourself a bit conflicted. Don’t be afraid explore these opportunities. With this, you’ll find yourself wanting to go out and socialize a lot more than usual although you’re usually a bit shy. Don’t be hesitant of your subtle personality change, it’s a good step into what 2016 has in hold for you. Continue to step out of the box and attend a disco night with the mermaid disco skirt. Let loose and dance your night away.

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Libra babes, get ready because this month will be full of surprises. You won’t be expecting anything that comes this month. Keep an open mind and try not to worry about future outcomes. So of course an essential for you this month is the don’t worry satin jacket. With big surprises, comes change. Your adaptable traits will help you incorporate this change into your life in the best way possible.

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Lately you have been noticing a need in growing a voice for yourself. There is so many things you want to say and talk about with others but somehow you don’t know how or where to begin. It is natural for Scorpios to bring a positive energy to any room, so presenting yourself should not be a concern. Find a way to form your voice and incorporate it into your favorite medium. Start a blog, find a collective that shares similar ideas and views, or start making videos! You will be surprised at how much people are willing to listen, and trust me you will have an audience. Do not be afraid, say shello to the world with the shello tee.

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You have been noticing a growing spark of interest in traveling abroad. Although you haven’t had the chance to actually do it in 2016, this will be the month for you. With limited time to plan and pack, you’ll feel a little bit rushed. Do not worry or stress too much about this because you’ll still have the ultimate time traveling. When it comes to packing, first make sure you have the essentials. The gabrielle lace dress is perfect for traveling because you can wear for any occasion, being able to dress it up or down. Along with that, make sure to have a jacket on hand that can go with any outfit, like the bitchin’ satin bomber jacket. With a few badass essential pieces you’ll be able to save room to shop abroad, and of course always look your best for plausible romantic times.


These past few months have been quite busy and overwhelming for you. This month you’ll start notice how under control you are of your life. You are managing both your personal and professional at a perfect balance. You’ll race through your own goals and objectives, hassle free. With an inclusive realistic mindset this month, you’ll also see a rise in journalistic abilities. People want to hear what you have to say, so use writing to your power. Overall, you’re just bitchin throughout the whole month of June. Your essence will be felt through the bitchin bomber jacket.


Creative juices are flowing for you this month. Take advantage of this time to start on a project you have been wanting to pull of for months now. Although this will decrease the amount of free time you have, you’ll find a considerable amount of satisfaction in being productive. It is also during this time that you’ll find the importance in comfort. All you will want to wear is sweatshirts and leggings. The sea unicorn sweatshirt is perfect for your working conditions because you can get comfy while remaining cute for any coffee runs you may need.

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The past few months have been a bit cluttered for you. It is the perfect time to take control over everything in your life and do a bit of spring cleaning. Set goals for the rest of the year and be diligent in completing them. Start easy and begin by simply cleaning up your whole living space. Once you are finished you’ll notice that your place needs a bit of revitalization. There will be a lot of running around trying to get errands done, so get comfy with the sea witch tee.
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