Girl Crush: Megan Alason Pearl

Take a look at this week's Girl Crush Megan Alason Pearl from the CLOUD HUNTER

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Where do you draw inspiration from? 
California is Cloud Hunter's biggest muse.  All of Cloud Hunter's fashion minded and vintage inspired designs are sewn with love in Los Angeles.  My first bedding collection was inspired by rose gardens and tea parties.  The second by classical paintings and couture gowns.  A lot of the throw pillows are vintage made and retro influenced.  My hand dyed sheepskin rugs definitely stem from my colorful cowgirl upbringing.  The need for personal style to live not only in our closet, but in our entire home, had a huge impact on me founding Cloud Hunter.  I’m a strong believer that your bed and home should be as well dressed as you!

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Describe your style in 5 words or less. 

Dollhouse cowgirl in sweaters n’ lace.

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Who are your top 3 girl crushes?

Anna Della Russo, Jess from New Girl and my mom, Rita Kay! 

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What are the top 3 songs on your current playlist?

I love groove based down tempo dream pop and electronica.  I comprise a Cloud Hunter Mixtape of all my favorite songs each week.  You can stream or download a free MP3 at, or follow my blog for updates  The favorites on my last mixtape are Hot Hands by Darius, Sunshine by Flight Facilities and Realla by Tokimonsta.  

Get the lookLipstick Tee

What are your 3 favorite items from the shop?

First of all, I LOVE all the items in the Valfre shop.  The new Boys Tears 3D phone case has stolen my heart, it is protective and sassy!  As a home decor enthusiast I have to pick your Lolita pillow and “Too Bored to Stay Home Too Lazy to Go Out” print.  

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