Girl Crush: Edie Sedgwick

When 1960s fashion comes to mind, so does miss femme fatale herself, Edie Sedgwick. Known for her iconic thick kohl eye liner, party girl lifestyle, and for being the star of Andy Warhol's factory films Edie Sedgwick was the muse of the 60s.

Sedgwick's look was a mix of sweet and sultry, which didn't take much effort due to her angelic features and rebellious ways. Her style was out of the ordinary, bohemian chic, always ready to poor another martini and dance the night away. We owe leotards, dark tights, over sized earrings, fur coats, pixie cuts, and a beginning to mod style to Edie.

"Its not that I'm rebelling. It's that I'm trying to find another way"