Photographer Spotlight: Damian Borja

We caught up with our favorite Brooklyn photographer Damian Borja, AKA Kombucci, about what it takes to make a good image, advice for aspiring photographers, inspirations, and his favorite places to hang in NYC.

When did you first pick up a camera?

One of my middle school friends when I was 14 gave me a little samsung point and shoot and from then on I started running around shooting ever since. I couldn't stop haha

Describe your style in 5 words or less.
careless & salvaje


Where do you draw inspiration from?

Music, I can't go on with shooting with out my little bluetooth speaker. You can catch me out on the street with a model twerking to bitch better have my money all around nyc. i love listening to someone's voice and all these scenarios pop up into my head and that leads to a shoot its crazy to see it all fall in place.



Finish this sentence: A good image

Is an image you'll look back at in 10 years and be proud of. Whether that be from the experience with the other creatives you worked on it with or just the moment.



Where are your favorite spots to hang in NYC?

I'm a Brooklyn boy so I'm always just chilling at my apt with my boyfriend haha (boring). I like Trophy Bar it's a sweet place to meet up and have a quick drink. Alt Space is another nice little Brooklyn street kid gallery that I love going to. This little spot is great I'd recommend going to a little event they throw if you're in town.



Who are your biggest influences?

Fenty. Everything that Rihanna does I want to, she's something else and she seems hilarious I love her. I've also been lurking Nadia Lee Cohen ever since I saw your collaboration and everything she does my jaw drops. I love the sexuality and rebellion in her images. I'm also obsessed with my homegirl Jennifer Medina (@Lulannie) on instagram her work is a dream.



Who's your dream model to work with?

This one is the hardest because I have many wcw when it comes to my models women run the world so it's hard to pin point it down. I'd say I've always wanted to work with Lara Stone though. Her story and her look are beyond striking. I like models that have personality especially when it comes through in their photos. 



Any advice for aspiring photographers or artists?






Do you, like don't pay attention to what people say about how hard it is or how competitive it may be. be inspired by yourself. It's a full time job loving yourself. Express yourself through your photographs, how you feel and what's going on in your life and let that shine through and I'm sure people will be engaged and eager to see what you're about.