Girl Crush: Nyané Lebajoa

This weeks Girl Crush is beauty queen Nyané Lebajoa. We caught up with this gorgeous gal on hair secrets, her closet, favorite decades, and advice for aspiring models. Check it below and be sure to follow her new YouTube channel for beauty and style tutorials!


Whats your favorite decade for fashion?
The 80’s, I absolutely love Grace Jones and Vanessa Williams.

Whats a must have item in your closet?
I think the list would be shorter if it was about ‘non-must-have items’ (lol)

Your hair is beautiful! Any beauty secrets you want to share?
Thank you! :) I will be making a tutorial on YouTube about the hair soon.
Oh and coconut oil! For your face, for cooking, for everything, it’s amazing!

Who are your top girl crushes?
Sahara Ray, Jillian Hervey (lion babe)

Describe your style in 5 words or less.
Dainty, elegant, ethnic and sexy.

Any advice for aspiring models/bloggers?
Just one very important piece actually: Be true to yourself and always do what you love the most!

What's next for you?
Quite a lot! I am relocating to Berlin in the new year, which I am super excited about!
Also I am working on some really exciting projects including a little capsule collection and YouTube videos but I won’t give away to much here :)


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