What Your Phone Case Says About You


Who here is a cat lover? Okay, don’t you truly wish you can bring your furry baby everywhere you go? For one, your furry baby probably does not allow you to treat her like your baby  24/7 like you would like her to. For two, people seem to think it is socially unacceptable to bring your cat everywhere you go (something I do not understand). Anyways, show your baby some love by carrying around Bruno everywhere you go. Look at it this way, it is a toned down way of carrying your kitty around. Let Bruno fulfill the void your cat provides when you are away from your own Bruno.

100% Boys tears
Anyone with this phone case, literally, collects boys’ tears and drinks 6 ounces a day. Dietary fact gals, drinking 6 ounces a day keeps your skin looking gloriously bright and pimple free (this happens because they are gluten free and dairy free.) Honestly, just replace regular water with boys’ tears, it will make your life ten times better.

Lovers of all things makeup, this is not only a phone case but actual lipstick! Yes, that’s right, simultaneously have your phone and lipstick. All right, now that I am done with the infomercial introduction, let’s get real. This is not an actual lipstick, but trick people into thinking that it is by carrying this beauty around everywhere you go. All eyes will be on you because you probably look super cute as it is, and your makeup is probably also on point, but because your phone case brings together your look immaculately.



Shell Phone

If you try hard enough, you can, yourself, become a mermaid. Ask any gal with the Shell Phone Case. I promise, they will let you know the secret to becoming a mermaid. It is actually fairly easy. The first step is getting your hands on the Shell Phone. It carries organic auras that radiate through your body. Within 5 days of wearing the Shell Phone, you will be able to step in the water, and transform into a beautifully graceful fabulous mermaid.

Basic Repellant
Have you ever walked around town and noticed very basic individuals staring you down from a distance? Yeah, nobody likes that feeling, but don’t ever apologize for looking like an idiosyncratic queen. You keep strutting and use the Basic Repellant for any unwanted looks.

Do I have to rant about my love for furry babies again? We all understand the obsession. However, our baby Blanco is for the kitty lovers that sustain an alliance with their fellow mammal. Blanco has a third eye, representing the power and wisdom that we obtain from the partnership grown between mammal and human. I don’t mean to get uber-deep, but our pets mean more to us than we can ever imagine. Carry around a constant reminder of the love and comfort they provide with Blanco.

An instant mix of unicorn blood, witched brew, and broken hearts. Instantly let humans know you are a supernatural force that nobody can reckon with. If they do, they know exactly what they are getting themselves into. It should come at no surprise that Poison will be used for objectively.