Love Hope Strength Foundation x Ziggy Baby Tee

We Can Be Heroes, Just For One Day ⭐️

On January 10th we lost one of the world's ultimate creative icons, David Bowie, after his 18th month battle with cancer. In celebration of his life we are releasing The Ziggy Baby Tee (featuring Valfré's bowie inspired illustration) and donating the proceeds to The Love Hope Strength Foundation.

Known as the world's number one rock n' roll cancer organization, the mission of LHS is to save lives now by using the funds they raise to purchase medical equipment, raise awareness through special events, create documentaries, build cancer centers and recruit potential donors to the bone marrow registry. Since 2010 they have been able to add 120,000 music fans to the registry, and find over 2,200 lifesaving matches giving hope to those with Leukemia and other diseases. The charity is known to carry out sponsored treks to the world's highest mountains, and hosting concerts at the peak (how rad is that?!)