What To Wear According To Your Zodiac Sign

You know those mornings when you’re trying to get dressed and absolutely, for the death of time, cannot find an outfit that you feel like a total babe in? So you end up in something you feel, just, okay in. Think of the days that you feel great and do great, because you have loads of confidence due to the unique outfit you wore that showcased your personality. Don’t we all wish all days were those days? Well your local girl gang is here to help! We have compiled a list of recommendations according to personality traits of your Zodiac sign.


The natural leaders of the pack, tell it like it is type of gals, and aggressive when it comes to things that they want. Aries also tend to be independent and straightforward, so statement pieces are always a must in an Aries wardrobe. It is easier to build an outfit around one statement piece, rather than starting from absolute scratch. So, depending on your mood or weather, choose one piece that you have been absolutely fawning over since you purchased it. For example, the Bitchin’ Satin Bomber Jacket would be a perfect piece to work around. Add on to your bitchin’ look by wearing the Here Comes Trouble tee and switching out your old phone case for the Poison Case. A flawless look for our creative Aries. Now, we know Aries gals are innovative, so keep your Gal With A Plan handy to jot down every single idea that springs into your head. By being able to record each idea and thought, it will help keep your brain active and animated.


Taurus babes are the stubborn and possessive type. These are certainly not negative qualities to carry. Think about it, you are persistent with your ideas and theories and are overprotective of your loved ones. Do not let anyone tell you that your headstrong traits are a negative qualities to carry, because your willful personality will take you further into reaching your personal goals. So show off your disposition and take confidence in who you are by dressing in statement pieces that make a presence. Style your charisma with the Baby Love Dress and accessorize with the Shell Phone. Aries also tend to be one of the romantics in the pack, who live through their senses more than most. For an immaculate romantic look choose the Adult Baby Tee with the Bowie Choker. As babies tend to live and learn mostly through their senses, Taurus also tend to learn the same way. So the Adult Baby tee is the perfect match, while adding amorous feels with the Bowie Choker.


If you have ever been in close contact with a Gemini, you will be sure to know that they love to talk! They are not entertained by small talk conversations, but live to experience intellectual communication. Geminis are always in their heads thinking about the next thing to do, so it is key to have a Travel Diary literally everywhere they go. Their clever and witty thoughts do not last long in their heads, they have to express these notions through some means of communication. A huge inspiration of Gemini is their curiosity towards the moon and galaxy. Geminis find much of their influence through these curiosities. You’ll spot Geminis sporting the Lune Velvet Bomber Jacket owing to the fact that they are so intrigued by the night sky. The Heartbreaker Purse is an ideal example of Geminis adaptable personality. Not only are they able to adapt themselves to different situations but have the ability to detach themselves from certain moods. Which explains why they are such heart breakers; so let’s finish this look with the Man Tamer Choker. Self- expression is key when Geminis are getting dressed.


The Cancer babe is one of our nurturing and gentle gals. They have the essence of a flower. Which of course makes the Red Rose Pocket Tee and key item in their closet. Cancer’s glow in floral patterns or any natural colors seen in nature. Cancer’s tend to avoid a considerable amount of change, it’s more of a slow gradual change for them. The Atomic Skate Skirt is ideal for Cancer’s of this personality. It is a piece that can be worn in a variety of ways while still holding true to their personal style. Along the lines of avoiding change, Cancer’s have a difficult time facing confrontation. They are inclined to avoid conflict within their lives, so they choose to release bottled emotion through various intimate mediums. One of the objects they tend to rely on is a journal. They release all of their secret magical girl powers in their GRRRL Pwr Journal. Since Cancer’s do have an avoidant style of being, many of the times they wish to repel any repulsive behavior. So, the Basic Repellant (link) is key for our Cancer’s.


Our lovely Leos, the ones we seek in a time of cuddly needs. They are the warm and nurturing babes everyone loves. Although they have a need to feel special and require a lot of attention, they are extremely diligent in all the work they accomplish. The Spoiled Tee matched with Gal With a Plan is actually the most accurate combination that directly correlates to their personality. They care greatly about making their loved ones feel special, which tells us why their style always seems to be described as charming. The heart on the Crema Overall Dress was purposely placed there solely to display how lovely of a person every Leo is. Aside from all the mushy gushy stuff, Leo’s are authoritative over their own lives. If they sense the slightest bit loss of interest from their relational partner, they will automatically detach themselves from that person and lose interest. So listen up Leo’s, put on your Man Tamer Choker, because you are the sweetest badass babe around.


Vigo’s are the shy and reserved members of the pack. They do not tend to step outside their comfort zone, but instead focus on the details that they already have control over. Virgo’s reserved personality allows them to view things in a highly detail orientated manner, making them perfectionists. The Mon Cheri Wrap Dress is ideal for Virgo babes because it includes a lot of detail, but stays within their safe boundaries. Since Virgo’s tend to get embarrassed easily (and are uncomfortable in the limelight) having a Journal is necessary when releasing all inner thoughts. Another component to our Virgo babes is that they are content with living “normal” lives. They see owning a few cats/dogs, chillin’ at home, and having a chill job as a dream. This is why they love their Bruno Case and Purse. They’re just so darn adorable and fit perfectly into their everyday life.


Libra’s are always such a pleasure to be around. They are constantly working to achieve equality, harmony, and balance in their life. Hanging with Libra’s is like a fresh breath of air. They are consumed in the well-being of their environment, so spending time with them can be very refreshing. They’re lighthearted personality makes tees like the red rose pocket tee a favorite in their closet for the lightweight and soft fabric it provides. They are strong believers of finding balance in their lives. This personality trait directly transfers over to their sense of style. Although they enjoy breezy pieces, they go for some contrast in their outfits to find balance within their ensemble. For example, they throw on a tee but wear the Atomic Skater skirt for a good mix of laid-back and girly. Libra also have a strong need for companionship. Allowing them to carry around Blanco is the answer to their fear of being alone.


With their passionate and revengeful character, Scorpio babes fit into the Matilda dress flawlessly. Scorpios know what they want and are not intimidated by anything that comes their way. Some find this intimidating, but here, we think it is nothing else other than ingenuity. Badass Scorpios deserve the Bitchcraft Journal and the Man Tamer Choker to go along with their resilient persona. Scorpio’s are focused on their goals and determined to accomplish every goals they set for themselves, plus more. Scorpio’s are unlike the conventional human being. They are psychological, always in their mind thinking about various things, stuck in in the space of the brain. This trait is what makes conversations with Scorpios so intriguing. This is because they are interested in the emotional intensity a conversation can reach. Another trait, most Scorpio’s are insanely creative and talented when it comes to the art of makeup. They can always rock a bold lip and look steaming. The Lipstick Phone Case only adds on to their alluring look.


Sagittarius's are the free-spirited babes. They are outspoken, optimistic, and always up for an adventure. They also have a strong need for personal freedom and space, which makes the Beat it Creep Top the ultimate tee for any Sagittarius. They are not afraid of being overly honest, so of course first they like to detract all the creeps then they declare how truly bitchin they are by turning around and showing of their Bitchin’ Bomber Jacket. Some people may classify their behavior occasionally as “uncivilized,” but all that mean is that they’re extremely fun to be around. If you have the pleasure of being around a Pisces, you will see what I am talking about. It’s an ongoing adventure with them so make sure to have a handy camera to capture all the fun random moments, print them and make a collage in your Space Babe Journal to remember some of the most amusing moments of your life. They are also very impatient with indirectness and people beating around the bush, so they are likely to ditch anything that brings this issue. Lastly, Sagitarius are a confusing mix of lighthearted and serious, so what comes to mind is the Adult Baby sweatshirt because of the slightly satirical but serious statement.


You know when you’re trying to study for an exam and you absolutely cannot concentrate? Yet, you have that one friend that you love studying with because they instantaneously get you on your a-game, while still having fun with them. Well, that friend is probably your fellow Capricorn. They have a way of making you laugh in any situation, and know how to get things done. Studying with them is probably the most beneficial thing you can do, because they are disciplined and have a way of influencing others to be disciplined in their work. Plus, they enjoy helping their friends because they want to feel useful and effective. They’re constantly reorganizing their Gal With A Plan because they are magnificently organized. They stick to realistic goals and set clear boundaries towards applicable moments in their lives. They find practical things to be mega useful. This is why they always have the cutest and perfectly sized purse, like the Bruno Purse, to carry only their essentials. Capricorns, stick to items that you feel are necessary to your everyday life. If this means carrying around your Spoiled Sweatshirt for moments of introversion, then do so. Capricorns need to have essentials constantly in order to feel secure in their moments of being.


Aquarius are the ones who have little to no trouble getting dressed in the morning. They have an eccentric way of being and individualistic sense of style. So if they’re feeling themselves in any given piece, they will wear it with confidence. Aquarius have the ability to completely detach themselves from social norms and expectations, so wearing something like the Spoiled Tee is no thing but a cool piece of clothing. They are intrigued by sassy and witty pieces. For example, the Heartbreaker Purse is something every Aquarius wants to own because it is a bold piece that adds sass to any outfit. Aquarius are also fascinated by human behavior. They love to analyze why people do what they do. They keep a random ass thoughts journal handy for the occasion of any interesting observances.


Our intuitive and emotional artists; who’s work speaks to mood and emotion. Pisces are sensitive and dreamy. They desire personal understanding, which speaks to why the Lune Velvet Bomber Jacket is among one of the favorites for Pisces. Pisces style is described as sweet, because they are sympathetic and sensitive to others’ feelings. Which makes the Baby Love dress a staple in Pisces wardrobe. Their sensitive nature yields a cherished relationship between them and their pets. The Blanco case illustrates this relationship, and is easily transportable. It’s a daily friend on the go! Pisces are super dreamy and sympathetic, they are the baby angels to our lives. The most accurate depiction to this personality trait is the Luna Choker . So Pisces, go with an everyday angelic look to help you get through your week, you’re and angel, and people will feed off of your heavenly aura.