3 Things To Do In LA This Weekend

Snowball II
LA based shoegaze band are having their first show under their new name Snowball II. If you’re a fan of Animal Collective and My Bloody Valentine then you’ll no doubt enjoy this. This will be their record release show for “?.” Their album is literally named the symbol question mark. So come out and celebrate, it’s free!!
Price: FREE
Diane Coffee
Tonight, discover what Psychedelic Motown is all about with Diane Coffee. Diane Coffee will be playing at The Echo alongside Los Angeles Police Department and Infantree.
Price: $10 - $12
This show isn’t until over a week later, but Oscar will finally be in town and I don’t want you to find out about this too late and have the show be sold out! Come check out this London based artist play along LA’s Colleen Green.
Price: $11.50 - $13.50