Girl Crush: Amy Roiland

Amy Roiland is a true gal with a plan, and we adore her 60's mod style and entrepreneurial spirit. We caught up with Amy, (AKA A Fashion Nerd) on icons, favorite spots to hang in LA, and her new app called FashionTap. Be sure to follow her blog for style inspo and read our interview with her below.  
Who are your icons?
Chantel Goya, Jean Shrimpton, Bridget Bardot, Jane Birkin, these are som me of my style icons. Tech icons are Steve Jobs and Jack Dorsey. 
What's your must have wardrobe essential this spring? 
My beret of course.
What's your favorite era?
Mid and late 1960s are by far the best!! Just look at my icon list ?
Words to live by?
Persistence is the key to success. Persistence, patience, focus, positive vibes. 
Where can we find you hanging in LA?
I love hanging out at Priscilla's cafe in Toluca lake, it's such a cute hip place and not to mention they have amazing organic coffee. I also really love downtown LA. DTLA is for sure my favorite place to shoot my blogs. The arts district is really inspiring to me.
You recently started FashionTap App! How did you come up with the idea and what does it do?  
FashionTap is a new fashion / beauty only social networking app. This app allows users to make a profile and upload their instagram images and directly tag their exact items to their images. When users come by and tap what they have tagged they make a commission on each sale. This app allows users to monetize their content: ie makeup, clothes, shoes, etc. FashionTap is also a database where everyone can be found by what they do in fashion and where they live. Search a location and find local bloggers, boutiques, designers, stylists, models, hair, makeup, pr, brands, photographers, and fashion enthusiasts. 
I worked in PR for an e commerce fashion company and my boss asked me to locate fashion bloggers in Austin Texas for SXSW. I couldn't, I searched high and low I googled and there was no spot for fashion only people to be found. I also hated going on instagram and finding a pair of shoes that I loved and asking the user who makes the shoes and not getting a response or saying they're Zara. Now I have to go to Zara's website and search pages and pages and pages for those exact shoes and probably never find them. FashionTap is not only giving everyone a voice in fashion but allowing them to easily monetize their content and be found for work. Everyone wins when they use this app. The user is happy because they just made a commission on the sale, the person who bought the item is happy, and the retailer or brand is happy because they just sold a product. We don't have a fashion only social network every other social network out there is an everyone network. 
Whats next for you? 
I am waiting on some really big life changing news with FashionTap and I am currently raising money for the app to hire and open up offices. I am also designing my own eyewear line and designing some clothes as well for a well known company. I have some other apps and website ideas I am looking forward to creating soon. 

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