Music Mondays: Sarah Of Transviolet

We caught up with dreamy front women, Sarah McTaggart, of NYC born synth pop band Transviolet. Read on to find out her girl crushes, what music is inspiring her today, advice she has for aspiring artists, and what festivals you can find her at this Summer. 

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Who are your top 3 girl crushes? Karen O. Jennifer Lawrence. FKA Twigs.

Describe your music in 5 words or less.  Dark Pop

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Do you have a creative process when writing music? I collect words and phrases that evoke emotion. If I don't have my notebook close, I'll put it in my phone. It might be something that I hear someone say, or something random that crawls across my subconscious. Sometimes a phrase will roll around in my head for months before finding any true significance. Sometimes one of the guys will show me something they are working on, I'll let the music possess me, and sing whatever comes to mind- it's like speaking in tongues. We listen back to the recording and pick parts that we like. Sometimes I'll have something I need to get off my chest, and I try my best to get the crux of it down without editing myself. Then I'll take it to piano and work out the melody. Sometimes I just hate everything I'm coming up with and hang it up for the day.

Favorite decade? 1965-1975

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What musicians inspired you growing up? Who inspires you today? Growing up, I was obsessed with The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Radiohead, Nirvana, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Broken Social Scene, and Death Cab for Cutie. Right now I'm really into Alt J, Odesza, Borns, Aurora and Declan McKenna. 

Any advice for aspiring artists or musicians? We create our reality. There's nothing mystical about it- bringing an idea to life is just a result of multiple people seeing the same vision. Find like minded people, and cherish them. Whether it's a song, or a revolution, the only difference between an impossible dream and reality is how many people believe in it.  

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What's next for you? We will be playing our first headlining tour in the UK in May. In the Summer, we will be playing Firefly, Governor's Ball, Taste of Chicago and Summerfest. Finally, and most exciting, we have an album on the way!