A Guide To Writing In Your Travel Journal

Although it’s easy to stay in the moment when traveling, do you ever wish you would have stopped to write everything down to savor the memory?  Since Summer is the season of constant travels, we decided to make a guide on how to keep a Travel Journal for all you travel gals. 

1. Keep It Organized

First off, every travel entry should have its own date and page in your travel journal. By doing this, you are keeping your memories separate and organized. Don’t just list your itinerary, write all of the fun details you want to remember. Better yet, write down a dialogue you had with someone you were with to save the conversation.

2. Make it a scrapbook

Make your travel journal colorful and fun by scrapbooking a little into it! Save flowers you picked on the street or tickets to the museum that you fell in love with, it will be fun to look back at later. 

3. Use your senses 

Your journal doesn’t have to be just about what you did but what you experienced. Write down what you smelt that day or even touched, the food you ate and how it tasted, or the colors you saw and felt inspired by. 

4. Write in it everyday!

This can be the hardest part. When you are running around all day it's easy to want to just crawl into bed and save the writing for tomorrow, but that can result in you never writing in your journal. So make sure to take a few moments at the end of your day to write, you'll thank yourself later ;) 

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