A Survival Guide to Coachella: Everything You Will Need

Coachella is just around the corner and you know what that means! Flaunting those exclusive wrist bands and showcasing those amazing fits. Prepare for this upcoming festival with smart packing and preparation with these necessary essentials.

1. Portable Chargers

Imagine your worst nightmare, Beyoncé walks by and agrees to take a selfie but alas, your phone has died. Where it be documenting your outfit of the day, recording a performance, or finding your friends, bring along one of Valfre’s portable chargers for a weekend to remember. Relive your fave moments with Insta stories and selfies thanks to a dependable battery.

2. Water Container

Our bodies are dependent on water for everything, don’t fall dehydrated or be victim to heat stroke with your favorite line up playing next! Stay hydrated with Valfre’s Hotter than Hell thermos for water refills throughout the day. Don’t enjoy the taste of plain water? Include a lemon or lime for zesty flavor.

3. Wallet & Phone Case

Travel as light as possible with these phone cases. Don’t struggle searching for your card with the long line in the back waiting, these phone cases also come as wallets! No need to include an overbearing bag on your journey, crossbody straps are also included for easy wear and accessorizing with cosmic prints that’ll dazzle the desert Indio sky.

4. Sunscreen

With desert heat starting at 90 degrees and above, purchase the highest SPF available for skin protection and harsh UV rays. The desert doesn’t care if you don’t like sunburns or tan lines, slather on that sunscreen as if your life depends on it. Apply every two hours and bring extra for forgetful friends, your skin will thank you!

5. Bucket Hat

Heat and humidity are the worst couple. Take extra precautions this weekend with a flat-crowned hat to shield and protect your face. This corduroy hat is timeless as it features an embroidered rose for a soft and calming aesthetic amongst the many original looks you'll be seeing this festival season.

Article by Candy Mendoza