"Disappear Here" Kristin Gallegos First Solo Art Show In NYC!

One of our favorite NYC photographers, Kristin Gallegos, has her first solo photo show called "Disappear Here" at The Modern Love Club Gallery in the East Village this month! 

Kristin curated the whole space, including a window installation with personal items from her apartment. It feels like you time travel back to the 1970s with her pink shag rug, orange lava lamp, rainbow wall clock, pink record player, records, books, 60's/70's Playboys and Rolling Stone Magazines, yellow chairs, beige rotary telephone, and pink/green shag pillows handmade by one of the models in the show, Hildie Gifstad! 

The theme of the show is a "home".  It's my girls doing various things in their homes for instance Alyssa Miller cooking eggs and Paige Elkington with her hair in rollers in the bathroom. There are lots of familiar faces in the show aside from those ladies including Camille Rowe, Alix Brown, Tali Lennox, Meg Collison, amongst others! 

It's photos I have taken over the past 3 years since I started shooting.  And the show title is from one of my favorite books 'Less Than Zero' by Bret Easton Ellis.  Its a phrase repeated a lot in the book.  It always stuck with me and I have wanted to do a show by this name since I began shooting.  I wanted to create my own world and I want the viewer to be able to come in and disappear into this retro fantasy that I have created. - Kristin Gallegos

Here are the photos featured in the show:

Also being a DJ, Kristen curated all of the music that is played in the gallery to set the ultimate vibe. The show will be going on until November 12th, be sure to swing by if you're in NYC!

To purchase prints email kristingallegosphoto@gmail.com

Listen to the playlist below and take a look at some of the  photos from her opening night!