Celebrities Icons That Celebrate The Earth Everyday


By Diana C. Martinez

Earth Day (April 22) is more important than ever! This year, the Earth Day theme is “Protect Our Species” which is very fitting considering all the growing list of endangered or threatened species there are.

It’s important to be informed and aware about our environment and planet so click here for more information about Earth Day and how you can participate.

For some inspiration, here’s a list of amazing celebrities that have dedicated their time to advocate for the Earth.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo is famously known for his environmental activism. He’s currently on the boards of many organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund. And let’s not forget how he iconically used his long-coveted Oscar acceptance speech as a way to shine a light on climate change. We love a man that cares about the environment!

Natalie Portman

This actress is a vegan that has gone above and beyond. Apart from not eating animals she doesn't buy/wear them either! She actually created her own line of vegan shoes after having difficulty finding cute shoes that matched her lifestyle. All of the proceeds from her shoe line go to a nonprofit called The Nature Conservancy. Go, Natalie!

Jane Fonda

This iconic babe has been involved in activism for women’s rights, the environment and more since the early ’60s. To this day she is outspoken about saving the environment and continues to express her concern in climate change and oil drilling. Jane Fonda has always been and always will be a total badass.

Mark Ruffalo

Mark is a superhero on and off the big screen. He has participated in multiple protests against environmental drilling, a documentary on the environment and uses his large social media following to shed some light on the environmental topics he’s passionate about.

Meryl Streep

We know Meryl from her iconic role in The Devil Wears Prada and just like her character she’s fashionable but she also has always loved the Earth and has done her part through participating in different organizations that help the environment. In 1998, she founded Mothers and Others, an environmental group that provided information about the presence of chemicals and pesticides in green produce. Meryl was also the very first celebrity to ever wear an “eco” gown on the red carpet, it was a gold Lanvin gown made out of Eco Certified Fabric. We stan a fashionable but earth friendly lady.

Emma Watson

Another fashionable actress following sustainable fashion is Emma! This babe is a U.N Women Goodwill Ambassador which means she has a passion for fashion and the environment. She has actively promoted sustainable clothing over the past few years by collaborating with fair-trade fashion labels and promoted ethical fashion practices for pollution, labor, and fabric resourcing.

Olivia Wilde  

Olivia and her bestie teamed up to create Conscious Commerce. Their company works as a guide for conscious living by promoting causes, brands, and people that are forging an eco-friendly lifestyle. Through this, she hopes to get people to care about the impact of fast fashion. Go, Olivia!