Famous July Birthdays: A Celebration Of Our Icons

Calling all July babies! This month we are celebrating some of our favorite July birthday girls and why we adore them. Whether they’re fashion icons, artists, or legends, these super women give us inspiration one way or another. 


Debbie Harry July 1, 1942

Speaking of "one way or another," our first birthday babe is Debbie Harry, AKA, Blondie.  Rocking denim on denim, army surplus basics, and embellished biker jackets, Harry paved the way for other subsequent female icons.


Liv Tyler July 1, 1977

Our next birthday doll is the ’90s fashion and beauty icon Liv Tyler.  When she stared in the ‘90s hit dramedy Empire Records the world fell head over heels with the grunge babe in the pleated miniskirt.  Velvet, floral prints, strappy dresses, chokers, and sheer represented a good amount of  ‘90s fashion and Tyler rocked it all, quickly becoming a ‘90s style icon we adore.



Diana, Princess of Wales July 1, 1961

Princess Diana is proof that you can have  compassion to change the world, be silly, meet certain expectations, and still look fabulous.  Going where few men would go, Diana spoke out about issues including mental health, AIDS, and so on.  Diana was a public figure who embodied glamor, and class.  She used her style as one of her most powerful tools of communication that is still as obsessed over today as it was then. 

Missy Elliot July 1, 1971

Let’s just say, any woman that can make wearing a trash-bag-styled outfit iconic deserves all the love and recognition.  Missy owned her style right off the bat, changing what it meant to be a female artist in the rap world. She proved that women are equal to men, as important as men, and as powerful.

 Frida Kahlo July 6, 1907

Embracing her weirdness and sexuality, she tore down the wall of gender stereotypes.  She used art as part of her identity, showing that she didn’t care about society’s standards for women and was going to do whatever she wanted the way she wanted. Happy birthday month to a true icon of feminism, Frida Kahlo. 


 Martha Reeves July 18, 1941

Our sixth Cancer queen is  ‘60s Motown legend Martha Reeves, the lead singer of Martha & the Vandellas.  Aside from making famous doowop hits, the Vandellas knew how to entertain a crowd in style.  Stitching up their own gowns at home and foraging at the five and dime for pearls, false lashes, and anything flashy, Martha Reeves & the Vandellas became the original D.I.Y. queens.


Amelia Earhart July 24, 1897

The pioneer and groundbreaking aviator not only was she the first woman to fly nonstop from coast to coast, she was one of  the first celebrities to launch a clothing line.  Inspired by aviation details, Earhart took the flying clothing and made it feminine so women can fly in style. 


Jennifer Lopez July 24 1969

Our next July birthday is the powerful and beautiful Jennifer Lopez.  Going from an unknown backup dancer to a world wide female icon, she paved the way for many Latina artists.  Jennifer Lopez continues to fearlessly break down barriers and inspire girls everywhere.


Jackie Kennedy July 28, 1929

Talk about a classic 60s American Icon. Jackie Kennedy wasn’t just the ‘first lady’ (which she refused to be called), but she was youthful, sophisticated, funny, and insanely fashionable.  Jackie became queen of pearls, oversized sunglasses, headscarves, pillbox hats, and all things chic.  To this day, women are still emulating Jackie’s iconic style.


Geraldine Hoff Doyle July 31, 1924

Our last birthday to celebrate is the face of the “We Can Do It!” poster, Geraldine Doyle.  The iconic World War II poster quickly became an enduring symbol of women’s power that we still see everywhere today.  <3