Famous October Birthdays: Icons We Love

Happy birthday month to all you October loves!  From legendary rock n’ rollers to cult horror film stars, to classic Hollywood Betty’s, here are some of our favorite Libra and Scorpio babes and why we love them.  

Alicia Silverstone

October 4, 1976

We’re totally buggin’ over this ultimate 90s Beverly Hills teenage fashion queen.  Staring in “Clueless,” duh,  Alicia Silverstone, aka Cher, and her posse set all trends for the 90s. Happy birthday month to this betty.

John Lennon

October 9, 1940-December 8, 1980

Helping introduce the world to rock n’ roll,  Lennon was beyond revolutionary in changing negative social values.  Teaching the world to live as one, he remains one of the major faces of peace and love.   <3 

Rita Hayworth

October 17, 1918-May 14, 1987

Called “the fiery epitome of screen sensuality,” Rita Hayworth quickly became one of America’s most loved actresses of the 1940s. Known for her classic Hollywood grace and beauty, she became a 40s and 50s icon we adore.

Chuck Berry

October 18, 1956-March 18, 2017

Happy birthday to one of the pioneers of rock and roll. Chuck Berry gave music its sound and attitude in the early stages of rock and roll when it signaled social change during the civil rights movement.  During his lifetime he entered into the Blues Hall of Fame and received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.  John Lennon even said, “If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it ‘Chuck Berry.”

Tom Petty

October 20, 1953-October 2, 2017

Our next birthday is yet another rock legend we love.  With American anthems like “I Won’t Back Down,” “Free Fallin,” “Mary Jane’s Last Dance,” and so much more, Petty captured the rock world's hearts.  His unconventional sounding voice was a personification of the freedom in all his songs.  

Jackie Coogan “Uncle Fester”

October 26, 1947-March 1, 1984

Founded by Charlie Chaplin, Jackie Coogan became the first child star in Hollywood.  Eventually he earned his iconic role as our favorite spooky, hilarious, hunchbacked Uncle Fester in ABC’s The Addams Family in 1965. 



Winona Ryder

October 29, 1971

What’s not to love about Winona?  Known for her dark and quirky roles, she’s everything we adore.  From her role as gothic Lydia Deetz to the psychotic Veronica Sawyer to Edward Scissorhand’s lover, Kim, Winona slays every role she’s given.  Happy birthday to the unspoken queen of Halloween.