Girl Crush: Ann-Marie Hoang

We caught up with our style icon, Ann-Marie Hoang, AKA Master Of  Disguise. Read on to find out how she became the master of disguise, advice she has for girls, and what morphed her style into what it is today. 
How did you get into wardrobe styling and what draws you to it?
I got into wardrobe styling because I had a lot of ideas on where my clothes can live. I love expressing myself through others and have their spirit tell a visual story. 
How did you come up with the name Master Of Disguise?
The name came from my avant-garde days as a young adult. I used to wear grey wigs, bird nest top hats, afros; you name it--I most likely did it. No one ever recognized me, even my family! It named ME.
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Describe your personal aesthetic in 3 words. 
Un. Predict. Able.
What would you say the main influence is for your style and where do you draw inspiration from?
My main source of inspiration comes from my azn baby girl days as a teen. It lays the foundation to my style now, hence the grills, hoops; braids--that have evolved into rust locks. I wore classic pieces like blazers and pumps when I worked in a more business type environment in my early adulthood, which has also influenced my style today. My love for vintage has played a major role in keeping me inspired.
What are the must have items in your closet right now?
I'm big on accessories so naturally my must have possessions are my vida kush septum, 5 chokers that I have on most days, and my fanophilia grill.
What advice would you give to girls on learning to love themselves?
You only have one human body and spirit, if you nurture and love it, it will in turn take care of you. You are in control of your future so think positive and visualize yourself being a boss because you ARE a BAWSE.
Whats next for you?
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