Girl Crush: Artist and Creator of Gentle Thrills, Isa Beniston

We're obsessing over our Girl Crush this week, Isa Beniston. With her own art brand, Gentle Thrills, Isa is a total IT girl in the creative world.  Her playful style flows throughout her art and her image.  From airbrushed apparel to happy home goods, Isa does it all. Check out our interview below to find out more about this self-made artist.

Valfre: Tell us all we need to know about Gentle Thrills. :)

Isa: i've been going by gentle thrills since 2009 when i was on tumblr. in winter or 2014 i released 5 products in an online store and in fall of 2015 i went full time running the brand! we're just trying to make things that make you feel gently thrilled--it's that simple!

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Valfre: Your color scheme is so rad. Where do you think you draw most inspiration from when it comes to the colors you use?

Isa: thank you! i love cheap food/toy packaging, party supplies, dollar stores, and kitschy tchotchkes. i feel like bright colors don't get a lot of love in the mainstream. millenial pink was a gateway and visual social media outlets like instagram are helping popularize bright colors because they're photogenic but i still want to challenge the idea that colorful = tacky! or maybe the idea that tacky = bad!

Valfre: Describe your art in 3 words.

Isa: Childish, sassy, offbeat.

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Valfre: What's on your current playlist?

Isa: imy most recent playlist is full of blondie, yaeji, and salma agha!

Valfre: If you could collab with one artist who would it be and why?

Isa: dead artist: picasso but i bet we'd get into a nasty argument. my work got compared to picasso a few times in college--i think because we both like to try everything and love firm line drawing! actually now that i'm thinking about it i think i'd rather just have access to his studio(s) and assistants for a 5 years than have to work with him lol

living artist: martha porter of buried diamond! martha and i have been following each other on tumblr and instagram forever and draw inspiration from a lot of the same things. it's overdue for us to do something together, so maybe in 2019 hehe!

Valfre: Do you have a ritual you do when you create? (music/candles/incense/etc..haha)

Isa: for me the ritual is picking out the supplies i'm going to use (like markers, paint, brushes, paper, reference books) and placing them on the table. then i dive in!

Valfre: What three things are on your wish list at the moment?

Isa: a pink muscle car, a vintage moroccan rug for my living room, and this mushroom lamp from merci milo

Valfre: What’s your favorite part about being your own boss? 

Isa: i never set an alarm to wake up!!! that was my actual least favorite part of working for other people, hands down. being in control of my own time is a gift but also a challenge!

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Valfre: All of your pieces are so creative! Do you ever get artist block? How do you get past it?

Isa: inspiration is definitely a well and it's not always 100% full, and i do believe you have to go in search of the muse, and it's not something that shows up at your door! SO i'm always actively digesting books, TV, and art to keep the well full. more often than not the problem i have is being creative on the spot. sometimes i build out a couple of hours in my week to develop a new product, and when i finally sit down to do it it's like i can hear rusty gears struggling to turn while i try to come up with ideas lol.  in those moments, i always turn to books!!!

Valfre: Do you have anything exciting coming up you want to share with us?

Isa: beaded fringe dog purses coming in february 2019!!!!

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