Girl Crush: Cannabis Educator Aaliyah Ei

We caught up with cannabis educator, model, sex + body advocate, Aaliyah Ei, on what cannabis stereotypes she'd like to end, her zine Mama Marijuana, what she recommends for a first time smoker, and her favorite way to consume the plant.
First off tell us about yourself! Where are you from and how did you come up with the name the little beast?
My name is Aaliyah Ei, I’m a model and a Cannabis activist and educator. I’m from New York and currently live in Los Angeles. I actually got the name the “Little Beast” from the book The Poisonwood Bible. 
What made you become a cannabis activist and educator, and what cannabis stereotypes and taboos are you hoping to end?
I sold weed on the side as a teenager to supplement my income and later, when my mum got ovarian cancer I got deep into researching cannabis’ medical applications. Hopefully I can help work to shatter the taboo that cannabis is just for “stoners” when every one from every walk of life uses cannabis.
Tell us about your Zine Mama Marijuana.
Mama Marijuana is a coffee table zine for newcomers to cannabis or longtime lovers of the plant. It is a 101 on cannabis, an intro to your endocannabinoid system, and some info on racial inequities in cannabis arrests. I initially made the zine for a women’s event just as a fun educational read spread around the room but people were so interested I got more printed. 
What's your favorite cannabis strain and way to have weed? 
My favorite strains are usually heavier indicas or strains 23% and up in THC. Although I know it’s not the healthiest method of consumption, I’m a blunt person all the way.
What do you recommend a first time smoker to try?
I recommend starting with a strain with a good balance of CBD and low in thc. Maybe start with a joint so you can go low and slow and put it out after a few puffs. Either that or a low dose vape pen.
Do you have any advice for aspiring models trying to make it in the industry?
Keep true to yourself and don’t let anyone dim your shine.
Any plans for 4/20?
I’m actually hosting an event for @420_queer, an inclusive community organization having a high tea event at the Resident dtla.
What's next for you?
Ideally I’ll be available for your viewing pleasure on the big screens! 🤗