Girl Crush: Vintage Curator Christian Rogers

We got the pleasure to meet the lovely Depop seller, Christian Rogers.  Collecting the cutest vintage and modern pieces, this boss babe is someone to look for when searching for the best apparel.  Read more below to find out her influences, pieces she loves, and what she has in the works!

Valfré: What inspired you to start selling vintage and how long have you been doing it?

Christian: I started selling on the Depop app just as a fun way to get rid of some clothes that I wasn’t getting use out of. Once I sold out, I enjoyed the act of styling looks, taking photos and getting them up on the app so much that I began thrifting regularly. That’s when I really fell in love with vintage. The quality was like nothing I’d ever seen, or been able to afford, in regular retail stores. The way the denim fit my booty, I knew my life had changed forever, and I wanted to share it with everyone! I’ve been selling vintage for about two and half years now.

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Valfré: You’re style is so cute!  What are your go to pieces at the moment?

Christian: Ugh thank you so much. So is yours, girl! I’ve been living in my 1970s wide leg green military pants, my one and only silk cropped jet black turtleneck and my red-orange cowboy boots.

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Valfré: Tell us who your favorite fashion icons are.

Christian: Elizabeth De La Piedra, Bella Hadid, and Lisa Caprio from Rosemilk.

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Valfré: What’s your current playlist looking like right now?

Christian: J. Cole is usually a go to for me, he’s one of my all time favorite artists. 

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Valfré: What are your top 3 wardrobe must’s?

Christian: A killer jumpsuit, a silk dress that you love, and a pair of vintage denim that flatter your body type.

Valfré: Tell us the best thing about being your own boss.

Christian: I’m definitely a workaholic and a perfectionist with myself, so it can be really hard at times. I always kid with my bf that my boss is such a bitch when I can’t play. But I really enjoy what I do on a daily basis. It’s like a hobby that I want to be doing all of the time, so getting to call it work is definitely the best part.

Valfré: What’s on your wish list at the moment?

Christian: Just about everything from Lisa Says Gah!

Valfré: Where are your favorite places to thrift?

Christian: I spend the majority of my time at the Salvation Army. 

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Valfré: Do you have any exciting plans or projects you have coming up you want to share?

Christian: I’m continuing to sell on Depop and do our regular monthly flea market pop-ups at The Rosebowl Flea and Melrose Trading Post, but I’m also collabing with Urban Outfitters for a couple in-store vintage pop-ups! I am super excited!

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