Girl Crush: Jillian Rose Reed

The not so awkward star of MTV's show Awkward, Jillian Rose Reed, stopped by the studio to snap some pics and catch up. Read our interview with her below to find out how being in a hit TV series molded her as an actress, what's next for her now that the Awkward series has come to an end, and advice she has for aspiring actors/actresses.  

How did you get into acting and land your role in Awkward? 
I started acting when I was super young, around 7 years old. I grew up doing musical theater and from that developed a love for performing in general. I moved to LA when I was 12 and started getting involved more in TV and film. I was freshly 18 years old when the audition for Awkward came through...the casting directors saw me in a small guest star role I did on Community, and brought me in based off of that. Tamara was the first role that I felt really clicked for me! 
How did the experience of being in a TV series mold you as an actress? Will you miss your character Tamara?
I learned everything about being on a professional set from Awkward! I not only learned so much about acting, but I learned the ins and outs in a business sense as well! It was definitely a learning experience for me! I'll definitely miss playing Tamara, but I can't wait to see what character I'm able to take on next! 
Top 3 girl crushes
Jennifer Aniston, Lesley Mann, and forever and always…Katy Perry!
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Any advice for aspiring actors/actresses?
Study, study, study! There's no point in your career where you should stop studying! 
What's next for you?

Right now I'm working on a lot of development/writing. I am hoping to dive into some more behind the scenes work as well as acting.