Girl Crush: Mei

We caught up with real life China doll, Mei. Read on to find out how this how this dreamy lady started her Youtube channel, her favorite city, her thoughts on fast fashion, and her love for Nickelodeon TV shows.  


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Describe yourself in 3 words.
I love dogs :o)

Who are your style icons?
I’m always obsessed with a different girl every week because y’all are killing it (& me). It was hard to pick but here are just a few of my most recent WOC icons from Instagram @ilovebrucewillis, @iamkareno, & @alexiskenzie

What's a must have item in your closet this spring?
I don’t really shop often or keep myself updated with the newest trends of the season. Remember that seasonal trends and pieces buy into fast fashion and throw away consumerism culture. Support local and/or sustainable brands more often, and work with what you already have! You can make a huge statement with what you choose to support and wear, all while looking amazing at the same time.

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How did you start your Youtube channel?
I used to have severe depression and self esteem issues. The worst years of my life ended up taking me to places I never expected when all I was looking for initially was a positive creative outlet to express myself. I took a leap of faith to start YouTube and I’m glad I did. I’m so grateful for everything that’s happened up until now and I’d like to think that this is all just the beginning. Maybe it’s a little cheesy, but I really do feel everything in life happens for a reason.


What's your favorite city you've ever traveled to?
I rarely get the opportunity to travel since I’ve got a precious dog child to take care of, and I might be a bit biased since I live here, but I love Los Angeles. I love connecting with the huge and local artist community and having the opportunity to work with so many different creative minds. There’s really nothing like it!


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If you could time travel back to any era, which would you chose?
Not sure if this counts but I would give anything to re-experience the early 2000’s with Drake & Josh reruns playing on Nickelodeon 24/7.

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Any words of wisdom you live by?
Get. Shit. Done. Be self-sufficient, don’t inconvenience others, and always be the absolute best you can be. Hard work triumphs all.

What's next for you?
I’m so blessed to have the continuous support from my friends, family, and subscribers. This year I’m starting to work on some amazing collaborations. Although they might be small to start, I’m excited to step out of my comfort zone as a content creator and try new things like participating in film and design! (Also I want to adopt like 10 more dogs but I’m working on that.) Although the work is hard and the future is unforeseen, I’m endlessly excited for what’s to come.