Girl Crush: Rebecca Richards Of Eco-Friendly Glitter, BioGlitz

Our new beauty obsession, BioGlitz, is changing the unsustainable glitter industry without losing a bit of shine. Most glitter is created from microplastic or plastic less than 5 millimeters long, a deadly morsel for animals in the wild, especially in our oceans. 

BioGlitz started in 2015 with friends Rebecca Richards and Saba Gray, who's mission was to create a sparkly biodegradable future, without giving up glitter. Read our interview below with co-founder Rebecca Richards, where we discuss the  process in which BioGlitz is made, materials they use, the full story on how they started, zodiac signs, and more! 

First and foremost tell us the story behind BioGlitz and what inspired you to create it?

Saba Gray and I first met at a vintage shop, where we instantly fell in fashion love, bonding over our shared passion for extravagant self decor. I was a studying sustainable fashion at NYU at the time, and she was working at Manufacture New York: a sustainably focused, textile and design development hub.

Before hitting the town, Saba and I would always play dress up together (& still do), layering & reworking thrift store finds into outrageous, colorful, maximalist outfits. We would also bring fanny packs full of glitter to share on the dance floor, a surefire way to make new friends and elevate the vibe of any space.

The more glitter we shared, the more we realized its power. With the help of shine, people begin to let their guard down, open up, and allow themselves to live in the present moment.

But just as we began to realize the beauty of this substance, we also realized the danger in it, as traditional glitter is made of micro-particles of plastic, which are extremely harmful to our environment . As passionate glitter-wearers & earth-dwellers, we knew there had to be a sustainable solution. Thats when Saba had the idea to create a biodegradable glitter, and utilized her resources at Manufacture New York to launch BioGlitz.

What is the biggest issue with the glitter industry today, and how is your brand solving it?

Our biggest issue with the current glitter industry is how much waste it creates. Regular craft and cosmetic glitters are made of plastics derived from petroleum, mixed with aluminum, then cut into micro-particles making them impossible to recycle. This chemical glitter, like all other micro-plastics, inevitably ends up in our waterways and landfills, polluting our environment, poisoning our food supply, and heating our oceans.

Beyond just the glitter industry, the cosmetic and fashion industries are also extremely unsustainable in their materials, supply chain, and messaging.

We hope to inspire lasting change in these industries by being a model of sustainability in every aspect: from the materials we use, to our packaging, and how we market our products. For too long, these industries have remained stagnant: selling products made of toxic chemicals, tested on animals, wrapped in wasteful packaging, and marketed towards only cisgender women, telling us we need certain products to be adequately beautiful and feminine according to societal standards.

BioGlitz stands in opposition to this entire system, and calls attention to how the devaluation of the earth is linked to the oppression of women, people of color, and queer communities. We use Glitz as exaggerated self-decor, a loud and proud statement of nonconformity to arbitrary beauty standards, and a celebration of gender fluidity.

BioGlitz is for everyone- you, me, he, she, WE. By caring for the earth, we care for ourselves and each other.

What's the process in making BioGlitz?

BioGlitz is derived from FSC-certified eucalyptus plant cellulose pressed into a thin film. Cosmetic pigments as well as 0.1% aluminum are added for the color and for the shine. The film is then precision cut into various particle sizes, thus creating our cosmetic-grade collection of Glitz. Our eco-friendly, waste-free Glitz is a solution to the seemingly harmless shiny micro-plastics that are in reality deteriorating our planet.

What's your zodiac sign and what 3 characteristics do you possess from it?

I am a double Libra, so what you see is what you get. I guess this is why I am so indecisive, why I need everything in perfect balance, and why I am a hopeless romantic.

What are your words to live by in 2019?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Vandana Shiva. Berta Cáceras. Emma González. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. To name a few....


What's next for BioGlitz?

World domination!

Just kidding...sort of...

Wherever there is harmful shine in the world we will replace it with earth-friendly shine. We are dedicated to replacing the use of all toxic petroleum based plastic throughout the entire cosmetic and textile/fashion industries.

We are also on a mission to not only make something that is biodegradable and leaves no lasting harm, but to go beyond and create something that is bio-beneficial and aids in reversing the damage we have inflicted on our planet.

Independently women owned and operated, based between NYC, LA, and KY, we illuminate the problems of plastic to the fashion and art industries, providing solutions, and demonstrating that sustainability does not mean less vibrant or less chic.

We are here to encourage a shining future, free of plastic.