Girl Crush: Renee Olstead

We caught up with muliti talented actress and songwriter, Renee Olstead, on vintage style, advice she has for actresses trying to break into the industry, and what's next for her. 
Describe your style in 3 words or less.  
eBay High Roller
 Do you first consider yourself an actress or musician? Do they ever go hand in hand?
I feel so lucky that I've never been forced to choose. I love them both, but they're so different...with acting, you're always playing someone else, with music, you're revealing more of your true identity.
What's on your current playlist?
Sammi Smith, Nancy Sinatra, Lana Del Rey, Earl Grant, Bobby Vinton.
We adore your vintage style! What's a must have item in your closet?
Thank you! My favorite items would probably have to be my 1950's Prom gowns. However, I always say that the best place to start a vintage collection is with great accessories. Vintage purses are a great way to start integrating a little retro touch to your wardrobe.
Any advice for aspiring actresses?
Get some headshots taken, a couple theater credits, and start emailing agents. You shouldn't have to pay for anything other than headshots. All legit agencies work off commission and will never ask you for money.
What's next for you?
I'm working on a new full length album, due out later this year! I'm having so much fun in the studio and I really love the tracks we've finished so far. I love shooting music videos to go along with what we record. It's sort of a meeting of my two worlds when I get to act out the stories in my music :)