Our Favorite Girl Power Movies

March is Women’s History Month so now is the perfect time to watch these films that celebrate and empower women of all types (plus, we love a strong female lead!).

Article by Diana Martinez

Legally Blonde

On the surface Legally Blonde looks like a movie about a blonde airhead that loves pink but it’s so, so much more. This movie is about friendship, knowing your self-worth and being your best self. It's a story about a girl girl, Elle Woods, that gets into Harvard Law to try and rekindle a fling with her ex. Legally Blonde proves you could have beauty and brains, case closed.

A League of Their Own

During WWI, two sisters make up the first professional baseball league, a sport that is very male dominated. They step up to the plate (literally and figuratively) and work towards getting their all girl team the attention it truly deserves. Based on a true story!

Bring It On

Cheerleaders tend to have a bad reputation, Bring It On was released to stomp those stereotypes. The Rancho Carne Toro cheerleaders take their position as cheerleaders very seriously, especially after finding out their routines have been stolen from a different team. There’s drama, hard-work, friendship and badass cheerleading babes, it’s the perfect movie.


Clueless is one of those movies that is more than meets the eye. Cher, a teenager, takes herself seriously even when everyone around her doesn’t. This film portrayed teenage girls as actual people through self-respect, strong girl friendships, and always working to better themselves . From it’s iconic one-liners (As If!) to the best 90’s outfits ever, Clueless is a classic girl power movie.

Thelma & Louise

Two best friends go on a crazy, life-changing adventure that is anything but relaxing. They get into some serious trouble with the law but together they get through those serious troubles (#BestieGoals).

Mean Girls

Mean Girls is a comedic take on real life high school drama. Between the senseless drama and boy troubles it ultimately proves that girls should support each other. Also, that it’s not a good idea to pretend you’re dumb for a boy to like you.That’s never a good idea.

Easy A

Through the concepts of the book “The Scarlett Letter”, Easy A directly takes on the subject of slut shaming through a comedic lens. It’s refreshing to see a movie where it’s clear that a woman’s decision to lose her virginity (or keep it) is her choice.

Mad Max Fury Road

In this apocalyptic setting, you expect it to be a complete testosterone-fueled movie but it’s the complete opposite. Furiosa, a lieutenant, risks her life to save women who were being held as slaves by the man in power. In short, she’s a complete badass. The majority female cast were all equally beautiful and powerful. This is a film about women supporting and caring about each other through thick and thin. This is a must see!