Girl Crush: Gothfruits

We interviewed beauty Youtuber, Gothfruits, where we learned all about their journey as an up and coming content creator.  

1. First off tell us about yourself! How did you first get into make-up and what's the meaning behind your name, Gothfruit?
I'm Rin, I’m 20 years old, born in SC, raised in TX, and now newly living in Los Angeles, CA! I identify as Non-binary (they/them) although I also respond to (he/him), my zodiac sign is cancer and my personality type is ENFP. I first got into makeup because I wanted to experiment outside of the box with makeup and turn it more into abstract art pieces rather than just everyday makeup type looks. The meaning behind my username is very strange haha I always considered myself in an alternative style and goth fruits just seemed to fit me best at the time. Its nothing I really thought about too clearly but when I began gathering a following I realized uh oh I'm stuck like this now LOL.

2. What are your favorite makeup brands when creating your one of a kind looks?

At the time when I started, I was using my own money to buy makeup and NYX was always what I gravitated towards. I still love NYX now but back then they provided a lot of colors and it didn't hurt my wallet so for someone with the limited income I could make art but on a budget, but when I was able to save up and splurge I would buy Urban Decay.

3. You've dyed your hair so many colors! Which color has been your favorite so far and what's your secret to keeping it healthy?

My favorite hair color of all time is definitely blue, it's what I started with before I started experimenting with other colors. My secret to keeping it healthy is I never use heat on it ever, I always make sure to deep condition, and I always use Overtone hair products to distribute the color back into my hair (keeping the color fresh) while also providing nourishment to my hair.

4. How has your YouTube journey been since first starting a year ago? 

Interesting forsuuure, I never thought of myself as a YouTuber. I'm really dumb with technology so I'm still learning but it has been so much fun to be able to create my own content and realize more and more that I was meant to be a content creator because this is what I love to do, truly. But I love being able to chat and have fun and have people respond to it, respond back. Opening conversations and making connections is the best part of this job honestly. I love meeting others!


5. What can we expect from your next video?

I'm trying to make my channel as diverse as possible. I don't want to be just a makeup channel I want to show my life, my adventures, etc. It'll be different variations of vlogs, tutorials, videos with my bf, etc. I wanna keep myself as open as possible! Like even video game streaming videos or tutorials in Spanish!


6. Tell us about your tattoos.

My tattoos, for the most part, have no meaning. I woke up one morning saying "I would like a two-headed snake" and then I booked an appointment. I like tattoos to be as much spontaneous as they are thought out. The only one that has TRUE meaning is my moon that signifies 1. Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto and 2. I'm a Cancer and we are ruled by the moon


7. Words to live by? 

I think words to live by are: You have the power to change everything in your life. Nothing in your life is written for you and don't ever let peers or family try and write your story because it is your story. Also, your depressive thoughts aren't true, you're wonderful.



8. What are you most looking forward to this summer?

What I'm looking forward to this summer hmmm I mean this is my first official summer in LA! Super excited to see what happens during this period of time. I turn 21 in July so woohoo! I also get to visit my parents and then beautycon is coming up and it'll be my first so there are many things to look forward too !! so stoked.