Girl Crush: Hair Tips & An Interview With Our Hair Guru Moe Alvarez

There’s nothing we love more than watching babes kill it at doing what they love.  We got to catch up with hair guru, makeup artist, model, and photographer, Moe Alvarez.  Read more about this weeks girl crush below where she shares her hair secrets, how she got into the hair business, and what's next for her! 

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What got you into doing hair?

So, I started playing around with my makeup around middle school! I shared a room with my sister, so when she wasn’t around I would tinker around in her makeup pile and try and replicate what I saw her do on herself. I loved the way she used crazy bright colors topped with holographic glitter (a lot of ben nye and MAC) so I always went to school with nearly the same exact looks my sister would sport. I thought I wanted to be a makeup artist for sure. Now, back in my day, beauty education online was sparce, so I had two main sources; There was one really good hair community on livejournal called madradhair for cut and color formula sharing and one makeup artist I followed on youtube that did tutorials. I think her name was xsparkage -- Other than that, you kind of just had to wing it and buy bleach at walgreens and hope for the best.

*fast fwd*

Now, I was a Sophomore in high school. I saw an article in the school newspaper that covered a story on a couple girls at my school that were enrolled in a cosmetology program. They had a regular school schedule half of the day and than the second half, they collected hours at the local beauty school. Ok. hold up…. WHAT? That’s even an option?? There was no question in my mind that that’s EXACTLY what I was going to do. I was already really into makeup and thought why not learn it all? So I talked to a career counselor and enrolled very soon after to a beauty school 20 miles away, did my time and earned the 1600 hours required to get my diploma and eventually became a licensed cosmetologist! It’s been quite the journey ever since.

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What are your top three hair secrets?

When in doubt, cut bangs.

There’s no such thing as bad hair if you have a sense of humor

Do that thing with your hair that you keep saying you want to do but haven’t yet. It’ll grow back if you don’t like it and you’ll learn something new about yourself from the experience.

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You do it all! Hair, makeup, modeling and film photography. Is there one you love doing most and why?

Every outlet I have reaps different rewards, so it’s hard to compare. I’m constantly developing as an artist and it’s helpful to have all the tricks up my sleeve like a swiss army knife. It’s important to understand different departments to produce the best final result if your working with a team or even alone which is why it’s important to tap into different skill sets! I think I’m cheating but film photography and hair are a package deal for me.

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Who are your top three makeup icons?

This question is hard to answer authentically because with platforms like instagram having a “see more like this” page of endless scrolling while showcasing everyone’s art at warp speed, I find myself liking a lot of things but not really getting to know the artists behind the curtain. My favorite *current* makeup icon is @gothfruits because not only do they have the best makeup looks but also a personality I can appreciate and admire. Aquaria from RuPaul’s Drag race is super innovative and I’m obsessed with her. And since I can only choose one more, I choose Ace Frehley from KISS! Such a legend.

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We love your style! What style decade influences you most?

Thank you!! I’m very drawn to the 70’s and find myself wearing a lot of vintage plaid but then I’ll pair it with crocs and my crazy neon hair so anything I wear is going to look insane no matter what. If the decade allows for a cowboy hat than I’m into it.

Describe your style in 5 words or less.

Thrifted primary room-mates closet bandit

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What’s next for you and is there any news you’d like to share about future projects?

Yes! So I’ve been working on something fun with Good Dye Young, a hair color company owned by the queen of colored hair Hayley Williams and her hair & makeup artist Brian O’Connor. You’ll have to wait for that project to be revealed later this month actually, so stay tuned for that and upcoming things by them I may be involved with. I love working with them and feel very lucky to be supported and trusted by such a cool company. They kind of remind me of what it felt like to be apart of the livejournal madradhair community I was talking about earlier (ah, nostalgia); A community full of encouragement, support and education. Lots of heart eyes for them! But aside from that - I moved to Los Angeles a year ago to get out of doing hair in salons and work more on productions for TV & Film. It’s literally an everyday hustle and grind finding work. I’m currently on a new journey trying to earn my days to become a union hair stylist, which could take up to 5 years. The good news of that is I get to constantly work on new projects and meet new people which is such an exciting pace for me. It’s a lot of constant creative stimulation and I never know what’s next. STAY TUNED!!! xo-Moe