Spooky Events In LA: Round 2

October is coming to a quick end and we have so much to catch up on! Don't stress babes, we have a few things that will be fun to do this weekend to get you into the Halloween spirit!

Well if you haven’t heard... BEACH GOTH IS THIS WEEKEND! So that’s one thing you should be definitely attending! Who could resist? What could be more rad than The Growlers beachy music and the silky tones of Bon Ivers voice humming through you while being surrounded by colorful bands and cool people with good taste in music? The answer is nothing! Tickets can still be purchased on The Growlers website!

Oct 22 til Oct 23 happening at Oak Canyon Park

Queen Mary: Dark Harbor is definitely a creepy spot to explore around. In order to go through the entire maze you’ll have to shimmy through small spaces and be followed by scary tenants that never exactly left the ship! This excursion isn’t open everyday so make sure you book online for your chance to get spooked from a ship that has been docked there since 1936! Pricing starting at $20 and up!

The Escape Hotel is one of the best escape games in all of LA and it’s totally recommended to check out during this Halloween season! You have two options once checking in, either complete the mission or escape! They offer 10 different themes ranging from the exorcist to demon daycare. Ticketing and reservations are through their website http://www.escapehotelhollywood.com/contact!

Be sure to check in with them before this spooky season comes to an end!