Behind The Lyrics Of Holychild's New Song Saturday

Dreamy LA band, HOLYCHILD, gave us the lyrical breakdown behind their new track, Saturday. Read on to find out the meaning behind each verse, and listen to the song below!

Hi! We just did this cute photo shoot with Valfre, and I wanted to share a special piece of our album with you. 

Ok here it is! A lyrical break down of our song Saturday which we just released. This is a really special song for me, and I’ve never done this so hopefully it’s interesting to you!!

First verse:

Once upon an orange grove where bodies never held their consistence

At night

That’s when everything was really alright

Never had to understand the silly laws we saw and gravity wouldn’t ever fall

To me this paints a picture of a world outside of our own. There is no gravity, we’re just energy floating. This is a really spiritual song to me and it starts here, showing that there is something beyond what we see here, and it will exist long after us. 

There the future and the past have always been intrinsically mended


Doesn’t matter if it’s dark or it’s light

Every feeling that you had or ever would it lived inside you as you know it should

Again, this shows that world. Where time doesn’t exist and it just lives on past humanity. I spend a lot of time thinking about the distant future. It’s very intangible to me, since it’s hard for me to fathom a time frame beyond a few years. But I walk through the city and I  think all the time, “These streets are going to be eroded. These buildings will be gone. What will remain? Will the pavement exist in any way at that time? Will there be anyone here to see this? How will the cars decay?” That’s the world of this first verse. It’s so beyond what I know, but I think somehow we do know it. 


Maybe on a Saturday tell me can I see you again?


I’m just here waiting for you

C’mon you know that it’s true

This part was written for a boyfriend at the time. I was wanted to just be with him again because I felt comforted by him amidst the uncertainty of existence. 


One million butterflies are next to me, oh you know that I can’t pretend


I’m just here waiting for you

C’mon you know that it’s true

Even with all this goodness around me I was still unhappy without him. 

Verse two:

Now we’re here on earth the other planets only mock our existence

You know

Ya, they pull upon the human ego

Don’t you wish that every dream you ever conjured up delivered you from evil but,

This is again part of that world beyond our own. I think of earth as a wounded planet. You know how you can sense a negative person? You see them on the street and you kind of just avoid it? I kind of think that aliens feel that way about us. They see it. They can just sense our frailty and the fact that we would probably attack any life form that would visit us, and they just avoid us. The last line of this part is asking, “Don’t you with every dream you ever had came true? That you could have that world you wanted?”


Saturn’s lying next to us he’s laughing, teasing, “This is your lesson.”


“Don’t believe all of the worst of your days,

“Every time you think of dying you should wait because the romance might be here to stay.”

Saturn is the teacher planet. In astrology, there’s something called Saturn Return which happens every 27 years in your life and it’s a time when Saturn tests you. Saturn is the planet of tough love, and in this part it’s saying how things might not be how we wanted them, but we’re meant to learn from it. 

The next line is really special to me.

“Don’t believe all of the worst of your days, every time you think of dying you should wait because the romance might be here to stay.”

I don’t know.. that’s just something I need to hear. I definitely am very emotional and things feel so hard, but that’s so comforting to think that life is like a relationship. Like it ebbs and flows and sometimes there’s intense love and sometimes intense sadness and everything in between. 

Those are the lyrics for Saturday! I hope this was insightful. xoxo

Liz Nistico

lead singer of HOLYCHILD