Horoscope Spotlight: What This Year Has In Store For Aries

Horoscope by Kimberly Pete Dewhirt of Star Sign Style

Happy Birthday sweet Aries! You’re the Zodiac’s spring chick but don’t worry if you’re not feeling all that sprightly, fresh and sociable this year. With Mercury still retrograde as we enter your special season – and Venus hiding out behind the scenes for most of the month – you could still be processing important emotional shifts that have revealed themselves in your private life.


It’s likely you’ll seek solace in work; a natural born leader, trailblazer and all-round boss, you’re now capable of establishing your position and making your mark in the world. Your professional realm is emphasized throughout 2019 and beyond, with certain achievements coming to a head in 2020.


Utilize this year to learn all you can, to explore and spread your wings, and prepare for your time at the top! How you make a living is likely to change in the years ahead, so be open to new ideas around your finances and income.


It’s not only career that’s highlighted in the next 12 months but family and domestic life, too, with important moments in the calendar to acknowledge home foundations, or your soft emotional center. Use June and (particularly the run-up to) July 3rd as a time to nest and feel anchored, addressing your relationship to parents or where you’re from.


With summer spent recharging, nurturing and nourishing, you’ll be back in the game from mid-to-late-August, raring to go. With a fresh start at the tail end of the month, your habits, health and wellness come into sharp focus, putting you in top condition to progress…

Next up for a spotlight post is Taurus! Check back when Taurus season starts.

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