Horoscope Spotlight: What This Year Has In Store For Capricorns


It’s Capricorn Season – a huge time for the Zodiac’s mystical Sea Goat, as four celestial bodies occupy your slice of the skies. If you’re feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders you’ve Pluto and Saturn to thank, who are with you for the long haul, helping you transform, and suit up, challenging you to step into your power, sweet Capricorn.

2019 promises to be a year of tremendous shifts, with a total three eclipses in your sign bringing significant karmic lessons to pass. The stars are aligned to help you pull back, to learn and grow in your signature solitary style. However, by early December you’ll be truly ready to embark on a new chapter, poised to step even closer to your truth.

The very ground beneath you receives one last shake up before spring, so that home life, surroundings or inner emotional landscape looks and feels totally different than it did a few years ago.

Relationships are massively important throughout year, but most significant in June and early July, when a collaborator can be met with open arms, or partnerships benefit from your renewed appreciation. Claim fresh starts with significant others and enjoy a sense of intimacy while the sun shines.

Late August and September are magical months to rapidly learn and explore; embrace experiences that broaden your worldview and perspective, Capricorn. The last quarter adds a final polish to plans, projects or an enlightening process you’ve cultivated in 2019.

Horoscope by Kimberly Pete Dewhirt of Star Sign Style

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