Horoscope Spotlight: What This Year Has In Store For Pisces

Our mystical mermaids, Pisces are enveloped with an extra soft glow during their birthdays this year, wrapped in a dreamy haze thanks to an extra long spell of Mercury Retrograde in their sign. They’ll seem even more away with the fairies thanks to a double dose of confusion, disillusion and vagueness, as the communication planet slow dances with god of the seas, Neptune.

They’ll pull their head out of the clouds come April, yet in the meantime their siren song creates an enigmatic allure, captivating friends and shimmering in society at large! The fish are making waves in their community, yet may be inclined to pull back from the social scene, creating distance and space for love, or their own passions.

2019 is Pisces’ year to thrive and make an impactful splash in the world, and yet it’s necessary for our beloved Fish to focus on what’s fun for them; to lean into their unparalleled powers of imagination, to embrace artistic projects, to play, to get creative and enjoy themselves! Not to mention relating, dating and mating for pure pleasure… Summertime’s ideal for falling head over heels in lust, so that by August 30th our fishy friends will be coupled up, ready to embrace a new romantic chapter as September sets in.

A strong connection to the world at large underpins this year and next; 2020 puts major emphasis on your peer group, company or wider circle, Pisces, and you’ll want to establish the right structures and boundaries in preparation.

Horoscope by Kimberly Pete Dewhirt of Star Sign Style

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