Horoscope Spotlight: What's In The Stars For Gemini


The Zodiac’s free agent, social butterfly and dual-spirited wunderkind, Gemini can fully explore her chosen role and rightful position in the 12 months ahead.

It’s all about what you like to do, Twinstar, finding value in what you have to offer and embracing the work that feels best, accordingly. In line with professional momentum (and maybe even a fresh start in July) you’ll want to harness opportunities to look at earnings, income and finances. Rather than focusing on what others contribute it’s more about your solo efforts now. Stay in your lane; you’re guaranteed an interesting experience in your job, which is easier navigated with friends by your side.

A Mercurial Magpie, you’re known for your endlessly curious nature, willingness to adapt and ability to learn. With a pesky retrograde to contend with in July, communications might not run entirely smooth this summer. However, it’s possible to pick up any necessary skills for your job, or circulate with those in your pool that connect you to your ideals – be patient! Mid-August brings relief, readying you for a cosmic reset within your home surroundings at the tail end of the month.

This sets you up nicely to tackle any commitment issues ramping up during fall, over Christmas and into 2020. Though you’re typically flighty – and not one to be pinned down – you might find you’re taking on serious responsibilities in partnership, with increasing emphasis on your investment of time and money as you ring in a new year.

Remember, despite the heavy duties your personal relations are there to be enjoyed! Delight in your plus one and plan a party!

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