Must See Indie Movies In Theaters This August

Summertime is hot as ever and there’s no better way to stay cool than hitting up your local movie theater.  We put together a list for you babes of must see indie films that are out now. You’re welcome!


Skate Kitchen

Directed by: Crystal Moselle

Loner, Rachel Winberg, meets an all-girl New York City-based skateboarding crew called Skate Kitchen.  She falls in love with the in-crowd and falls for a sk8er boi, played by Jaden Smith.  The films authenticity captures the women in male-dominated spaces, breaking all boundaries.  A total must see. 

Juliet, Naked

Directed by: Jesse Peretz

From the producers of Little Miss Sunshine, bring the story of an increasingly intimate relationship between a super-fan’s girlfriend and his idol.  Sundance audiences are buzzin' after the premiere because it’s everything mainstream movies should be but no longer is. This is the perfect rock n’ roll love story. 

We The Animals

Directed by: Jeremiah Zager

Documaker Jeremiah Zager gravitates toward narrative features with this mesmerizing adaptation of Justin Torres’ autobiographical novel about three brothers in upstate New York.  The movie centers around their troubled childhood in the midst of their parents’ volatile love.  Bring a tissue for this one. 


The Little Mermaid

Directed and written by: Blake Harris

This movie takes us all back in time to our childhood. Inspired by the 1837 Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, the movie follows a young girl  who discovers an enchanting woman she believes to be the “Little Mermaid” of lore. Together the characters travel to a small town in Mississippi to uncover the legend.