An Ode To Our Badass Celebrity Moms

This Mother’s Day, we honor all the famous matriarchs we wished raised us. From starting their own companies to breaking records, these working ladies and full-time moms can truly do it all. Because they’re not just moms, they’re cool moms!

Beyoncé is the most nominated woman in Grammy history, Queen B has provided her hive with memorable performances and visual albums that’s even brought college professors to worship with courses focusing upon the dissection of Lemonade’s brilliance. Blue Ivy and the twins are certainly lucky to have such talent in their genes. With surprise pregnancies and sold-out tours, this momma definitely shows no signs of stopping!

From Election to Legally Blonde, ambitious blondes aren’t just fictional characters that actress, Reese Witherspoon, loves to portray but embodies in real life. Witherspoon is a Southern mother of three that continues changing the game as this Golden Globe recipient is also an entrepreneur with production company ‘Hello Sunshine,’ that’s brought us great films such as Gone Girl and Wild. We look forward to seeing what America’s Sweetheart continues to do next.

This American tennis player and mother has won more Grand Slam titles than any other man or woman. Along with being a phenomenal athlete with a powerful swing and style, Serena Williams has recently opened a firm that invests in women and people of color who are young entrepreneurs. Despite these great successes, what’s her greatest accomplishment? One-year-old daughter, Olympia! Let’s see if this adorable superstar will follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Jenny on the Block is most known for her breakout role of deceased Mexican singer, Selena. The 49-year-old has worked her way through Hollywood with her singing, dancing, and acting since the nineties. Along with being a producer, this triple threat has worked on shows such as American Idol as a source of inspiration and guidance to Latinos everywhere. Jennifer Lopez is a powerhouse and not to be underestimated, don’t forget to tell her twins that!

Gwen Stefani first made waves as the lead singer of No Doubt before going solo with hit songs, ‘Hollaback Girl,’ and ‘Sweet Escape.’ From collaborating with artists like Eve and Pharrell to receiving impressive Grammy nominations, this singer has continued to provide musical guidance with shows like The Voice. Stefani’s creativity is unmatched as her sound and style are composed of a sassy mood board's dreams come true. We’d sure love to raid this mom’s closet!

While some may know her as Lizzie McGuire, this former Disney star has grown up in front of our very eyes. From buying her first bra on-screen to getting married and having kids, Hilary Duff has become the relatable Insta mom that posts nonstop selfies with the little ones whilst detailing her day on set from popular TV show, Younger. After recently getting engaged, this real-life Disney princess truly is living her happily ever after.

Article by Candy Mendoza