Music Crush: Blondfire

We caught up with blonde bombshell and songstress, Erica, of Blondfire. Read on to find out how she came up with the name, her favorite city to play in, and who she's been co-writing songs with. 
Describe your music and how you first got started playing. 
I would say Blondfire is dreamy, edgy, melodic, alternative pop.  The music thing for me started with piano lessons when I was really little, and then violin in the 3rd grade.  Funny enough, I think the singing actually began when my sister and I discovered the movie Annie, and we would record ourselves performing the songs on cassette tape.  I was just really lucky to be a part of a family that played instruments and were obsessed with music.
What's it like playing music with your brother? Did you grow up playing together? 
We have a really strong musical connection.  Growing up we listened to pretty much the same bands and have had so many shared experiences.  We’ve worked together for a long time, but now he has another project and I’ve been collaborating with other people, too - which has been fun and keeps it fresh.
What music did you listen to growing up? What's on your playlist today?  
My Mom is from Brazil, so early on I was surrounded by classic Bossa Nova records, which I still love.  I’m also a sucker for most things British and anything from the 80’s or 90’s.  The SmithsPet Shop BoysDepeche Mode, Oasis, The Stone Roses, etc.  Also, anything dreamy and dark like The Sundays, Mazzy StarCocteau Twins, Sinead O’Conner, Siouxsie and The Banshees.  They’ve all been the source of endless amounts of inspiration to me.  Even now I still find myself going back to listen to that stuff all the time with a few newer bands in the mix like Tame Impala, Warpaint, Beach HouseLykke Li, Foals, Fleet Foxes
What's your favorite city you've played in?  
I always love playing in New York City.  It’s just such a magical place.  I lived there for a couple of years, so it feels like going home.  I’ve also played some really great shows in Chicago.  Funny enough, you never really know what to expect.  Some of my favorite shows ever have been in smaller cities, where the fans were just so much fun.  
How did you come up with the name Blondfire?  
It started with hearing someone mispronounce the word “bonfire" and it just had a ring to it.  In the end, I love that it’s both soft and strong, which I think represents the sound of the band.
What's next for you and your music?  
I have a bunch of new music recorded and ready to release, which I’m really excited for people to hear!  I’ve recently become really into making my own music videos, so I’ll be making more for these new songs, too.  I’ve also been creating collage art, which I incorporated into the last video I did for my song “Domino,” and I am in the process of preparing my pieces for a gallery show soon.  Plus, I’ve been co-writing and singing with other artists like GoldroomAvicii, Arty - with more collaborations currently in the works.  I’m happiest just being creative!