Music Monday: Anabel Englund

We caught up with Anabel Englund and she filled us in on her Gari Safari shows, how she stays inspired and about the projects she's releasing soon!

Read all about Anabel below.

By Diana C. Martinez

  1. Tell us about how you started making music! What inspired you to start?

I grew up around a very musical family. There would always be jam sessions when everyone got together so its always been a part of my life. For me it was never something I decided to do or one day decided to start it’s always been just something I did.


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2. Your Gari Safari shows looked like a lot of fun! Can you tell us more about Gari Safari and your experience?

Awh, thank you so Gari Safari is a curated event I started with my brother & good friends one of whom I even went to high school with. We are just now about to announce our intimate warehouse series hosted in different venues in LA each month which I’m really excited about. Each member DJ’s or does their live show & I perform as well. 

3. What was your favorite Gari Safari performance and why? 

Probably in December when we did a Gari Safari at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco, it was a holiday party but there was a big stage so I was really able to go all out with all my dance moves. My brother played electric guitar for me & it was just awesome.

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4. How do you stay inspired? 

Going outside, journaling, finding hope in all the little things. Self-care. Connecting with people who want to squeeze all the juice from life.


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5. If you weren't making music what would you be doing?

Haha, I can’t imagine not doing music but I’m seriously so obsessed with plants/trees/flowers & growing things. So, probably being involved with teaching people how to take care of plants, growing plants, learning more about plants...anything in that category. 

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6. Describe your style in 3 words.

Bright, comfortable, silly. 


7. Who are your fashion icons?

Grace Jones, Isabella Blow, Cher, Vivienne Westwood.

 8. What's next? Do you have any upcoming projects you can share with us?

 YESSS. I have a single coming out called “Brazil” w Lee Foss & Eli Brown. May 17th I have another track coming out called “Something New.” I have a lot of shows this summer. And you can definitely get ready for an EP to come out this year.