Music Monday: Dance Music Producer & DJ, Mija

We got the pleasure to meet with Los Angeles-based Dj and producer, Mija.  Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, she came to international attention quickly with unpredictable singles and amazing sets.  Mixing electric, house and disco,  along with doing covers, this talented babe does it all.  Check out our interview with her below to find out her inspirations, favorite artists, and the tour she has coming this month!

Valfré: Your sound is so rad. How would you describe it in 4 words?

Mija: Unpredictable, unapologetic, curiously emotional 

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Valfré: How has growing up in Phoenix influence you as an artist?

Mija: Phoenix has a thriving underground scene. I definitely got my chops from growing up there. I was influenced early on by rave culture (happy hardcore, drum & bass) and then grew into the house/techno and latin scenes. the scenes were very different from each other, but the common thread was the seriousness in which everyone took their craft... and because of that, I became highly educated across the musical spectrum. 

Valfré: What has been your favorite set so far and why?

Mija: I have way too many favorite sets, but one of my favorites was at this tiny 200 cap club called Dolphin in Philly. Those people have a deep appreciation for funk and disco and they actually DANCE. like, really dance.

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Valfré: Tell us your favorite DJ's :)

Mia: Hmmm...well since I play all my favorite tracks, I'm gonna say that I am favorite dj. Soul Clap is also very rad.

Valfré: Where have your favorite venues been?

Mija: Dolphin (Philly), Black Flamingo (Brooklyn), Floyd (Miami), Output (Busan), Soap (Seoul).

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Valfré: You told us you were a designer too! Tell us all about that.

Mija: I designed my first capsule back in 2016 called Made by Mija. I've taken a break from it while working on more music this past year, but I'm keen to get it going again. I have a lot of new designs that just finished production and I would like to incorporate them into a new capsule this year.

Valfré: Who are your fashion icons?

Mija: Ader Error, Rick Owens, Alexander Wang, Enfants Riches Déprimés, For Those Who Sin, Barbara I Gongini

Valfré: Who's on your playlist at the moment?

Mija: Rosalia, Aurora, Modeselektor, Nicolas Jaar, Syd, Ross From Friends, George Watsky

Valfré: Tell us about your Band Practice Tour coming this month!

Mija: I'm going on tour and performing my own music live! It will be a more like a concert instead of a dj/club experience. It's something I've never done before, but have wanted to do for a long time. So we've been building and practicing nonstop. It's all very exciting. It starts Feb 22. 

Listen to her latest singles here!