Music Monday: Deap Vally

We’re loving LA based rock n’ roll duo, Deap Vally.  Made up of babes Julie Edwards and Lindsey Troy, we’re obsessed with their bluesy sound and grungy riffs.  Check out the interview below to see how they started, their icons, and what they have planned next!

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Valfré: You're connected to Desert Daze! Tell us about that :) how has it influenced you as artists?

Deap Vally: I actually am one of the founders of Desert Daze.  My husband Phil Pirrone and I started the festival with some friends in 2012.  It’s been an incredible opportunity to meet and watch our favorite bands.  In 2018 Beak>, Chelsea Wolfe, and Ty Segal and White Fence were total highlights. 

Valfré: How did you two start playing music together?

Deap Vally: I used to have a knitting shop called The Little Knittery and Lindsey came in one day to learn how to crochet.  The rest is history.

Valfré: Where do you draw musical inspiration from?

Deap Vally: Anything and everything.  But whatever inspiration we’re having, whether it’s concept-based, jam-based, or just totally abstract, gets expressed through the medium of guitar and drums.

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Valfré: Tell us your all time favorite musicians.

Deap Vally: John Lennon, Elliott Smith, Portishead, Autolux, JJUUJJUU, MIA, LED Zeppelin, Radiohead, Blur, Nine Inch Nails, Joanna Newsom

Valfré: What are you listening to at the moment?

Deap Vally: Ulrika Spacek, Thao Nguyen, Parquet Courts, Anderson Paak

Valfré: Describe your sound in one word.

Deap Vally: Bombtastic

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Valfré: Tell us your top three fashion icons.

Deap Vally: Julie's  3 year old daughter, Jimmy Page, Olympic Figure Skaters

Valfré: What are you babes up to now? 

Deap Vally: We’re actually headed to Oklahoma City to finish up a collaboration with Flaming Lips.  Other than that we’re working on our 3rd record, and we hope to release a ton of music by the year’s end, including some tracks we did with friends from Warpaint, Savages, and the Kills, plus some collabs we did with Peaches, KT Tunstall, and Soko.  

Watch their latest video below!