Music Monday: Disco Shrine

We sat down with R&B princess, Disco Shrine! Read on to learn about to find out how she stays inspired and more!


How would you describe your style of music?
r&b pop <3

What are three things you can't live without?
My skincare products, my guitar, and my car (for a quick getaway).

Do you have a favorite lyrical quote you've written that you absolutely love?
I just dropped a new single called 'Power' feat Magdalena Bay and one of my fave lines that I wrote in it is "Sometimes I can feel so strong, sometimes I can feel so wrong." It's so simple, but so vulnerable. Even the strongest person can feel down at times, but that doesn't make you any less powerful.

Who is your fashion inspiration?
Gwen Stefani ~ I've always looked at her as a fashion icon. Her evolution from punk to pop was so inspirational. I feel like she perfectly navigated tomboy looks mixed with hyper femme looks and constantly experimented with so many different styles. I've always loved that contrast and always love the idea of breaking boundaries with fashion. I never like to label myself as having one specific style. I definitely like to dress girly with a tomboy twist in my own personal style, but some days I might want to dress super 90's y2k vibes with heels and butterfly clips in my hair and the next day I might wear a matching baggy sweatsuit with sneakers. I love constantly mixing things up and Gwen Stefani was definitely someone who taught me that was okay.

Your music video for Alright with Unbloom was so cute and fun! How did you come up with the choreo for the dancing?
Thank you! That was such a fun video to make. I worked really closely with Nicole Lipp, aka flowerhitsthebigtime, to come up with all of the ideas. We knew we wanted to go back in time and recreate this early 2000's dream sleepover that we all had as little kids and something that every sleepover had to have was creating choreo with your friends and dancing in front of the mirror. So, Nicole reached out to choreographer France Orr to work with us and the rest is history <3

We love the message your song Everyday has, about not taking things for granted and making the most of what life throws at you. The Adventures you had looked so fun, what was your favorite part of that adventure?
Ahhh thank you <3 That was my first "adventure video" and it essentially cataloged my whole year into one video. I think a few of the highlights you see in that video include me playing in Miami at the Glossier pop-up event. That was my first time getting flown out to Miami and to have worked with such a bad ass company like Glossier that has so many boss women representing it was really amazing. You also see me and Omenihu playing at The Billy Ball which was Charli XCX, Alllie X, and Dorian Electra's fundraiser ball. It was so amazing to share the stage that night with so many artists I admire. I also literally jumped off a mountain in Washington and flew thousands of feet in the air while singing along to my song. So that was pretty cool too.

What artists inspire your style of music?
Gwen Stefani, Lauryn Hill, M.I.A., Mø, Charli XCX, Empress Of, Ariana Grande

What tends to ease your mind when it comes to being in a creative hole where you may feel stuck on lyrics in writing music?
Driving. It's a weird coping mechanism but I love being in my car and just aimlessly driving. I feel like you go on autopilot and can clear your mind and just think through anything. Driving is such a freeing thing. You can go anywhere. I feel like it always helps me put away the distractions and focus on a song or lyrics. (It's probably the LA girl in me)

Are there any artists you're excited to see in the year 2020?
Some of my fave artists right now include Tayla Parx, Olivia Obrien, Phem, Pink Skies, LIZ, Dorian Electra, Role Model, Kim Petras, Dominic Fike, Doja Cat, Anna of the North etc...

If you could describe the perfect tour, how would you describe it and who would you like to tour with?
The perfect tour would be traveling the world with my friends and connecting with people who love and sing along to my songs <3 Any of the artists above would be a dream <3

What's in it for Disco Shrine for the year 2020?
Lots and lots of new music to come. 2020 is gonna be the year of disco <3