Music Monday: Loyal Lobos

We got the pleasure to catch with the beautiful and talented, Loyal Lobos.  Making her way from Colombia to Hollywood, this folk inspired singer songwriter has us completely mesmerized.  Her newest album “The Fall” takes us back to a nostalgic daydream of our first love.  Read more below to find out about “The Fall,” her influences, and what’s in store for this babe!

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Valfre: We’re in love with your new debut album “The Fall!” Tell us what it’s all about.

Loyal Lobos: Thank you, means a lot! It's a very simple, stripped down EP that I wrote and recorded a little over two years ago and it captures a very specific moment in my life where I was heartbroken, felt like everything was falling apart and had just moved to LA. I was feeling lost and alone, had no money and was crashing at friends places because I couldn't afford rent, and wrote a lot from that place of frustration. It's very dear to me even though I made it a while ago because it was the first time I put a compilation of work together and I feel the EP shows the triumph of surviving that crisis. Also feels great to look back and see how I thought my world was ending from one relationship failing and all that other money stuff, and how I wrote this whole Telenovela EP and how ridiculously upset I was.

Valfre: When did you start singing and writing?

Loyal Lobos: It came in waves, the first memory I have of songwriting was in my older sister's bathroom back home in Colombia, and my mom transcribing the nonsense I was saying about my horse (with whom I had a serious and committed relationship with). It made no sense because nobody in my whole extended family was musical but my parents supported my nonsense in all ways they could. Then at like 14 I remember writing a love song to a misogynistic pig who bullied me -but of course I had a huge crush on- and recorded it in my Dell computer as a voice note and then someone put it in Lime Wire and they would play it in the school sometimes at events. It sucked so bad and I was so embarrassed. Then I moved here at 18 and started writing in a more serious way.

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Valfre: Your lyrics are amazing.  What influences your thought process when writing?

Loyal Lobos: Thank you. I honestly don't know that much about bands and cool unknown artists. I have ADDHD and can't really remember lyrics that I hear or keep track of things that well. But I work based on intuition and emotion, if I believe someone when they sing it, it'll stick with me and that's why I listen to such different genres of music.

Valfre: If you could collaborate with anybody who would it be?

Loyal Lobos: I don’t know honestly. I feel grateful for the people I’ve already been able to collaborate with and what has been created from that. Teddy Geiger, Evan Voytas and I have been working on an album and it’s been such a cool experience and I just wanna take it day by day and see what comes next. 

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Valfre: Who are your top 5 artists on your playlist at the moment?

Loyal Lobos: Rosalia, Kanye, A Colombian group my friend showed me called Los Tres Reyes, Mercedes Sosa, And been listening on repeat to “Changes” by Black Sabbath for like a month.

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Valfre: How has LA influenced your music compared to Colombia?

Loyal Lobos: The people I’ve met here have exposed me to so much music and also I’ve discovered South American music I didn’t know of before while being here. I re-discovered Kanye this year and has been life changing, also it was when I discovered Elliot Smith, Nick Drake and Karen Dalton a couple years back. I think every experience and song changed me a little bit and LA is so eclectic so that’s great.

Valfre: Tell us your fashion icons.

Loyal Lobos: I just wing it all the time when I dress. I like Cher, Selena and the Mazzy Star vibes. I like how Hope Sandoval carries her self in general. I think what I like is when people are accurate at expressing themselves through fashion by remaining genuine to their character. Kind of the same way I judge music I judge fashion. I just gotta believe that it’s genuine.

Valfre: Do you have any exciting plans for the future?

Loyal Lobos: Yeah!  finishing my album, going back home to visit next year, playing more shows and just keep making music.