Music Monday: Surfbort

We caught up with our new favorite blow-your-mind punk band Surfbort.  Hailing from Brooklyn, Sean Powell, Alex Kilgore, David R. Head Jr. and lead singer Dani Miller, have come to make their mark.  Known for their rowdy shows and punk rock style, these freaky babes are all about love and friendship!  Check out our interview with Dani Miller below! 

Valfre: Congrats on “Friendship Music,” we love it. What was your favorite part about recording this album?

Dani: It’s a collection of songs that have been building up and evolving since the beginning of Surfbort so the whole thing is so special to me. We also had the pleasure of recording with Jonathan Schenke and Chad Ubovich which was a wild process and in the end the universe puked out Friendship Music!

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Valfre: Tell us what Surfbort’s all about?  

Dani: Without being gnarly repetitive the heart of Surfbort is Friendship and Music. Music is such a powerful meeting point for humans to connect to each other. It’s a pathway to shed pent up emotions process mental health. Surfbort is all about the people, it’s a friendship club.


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Valfre: Who or what influences your sound?

Dani: All the bad times, all the fucked up happenings, all the beautiful moments in life, trash piles, a good joke, a newborn baby’s curious face, Nina Hagen, X, Blondie, Hüsker Dü, Rudimentary Peni Flipper, Crass, ACDC, Cocteau Twins, Roger Miller, No Doubt, and Patti Smith.

Valfre: Who are your fashion icons at the moment?

Dani: My bandmate Sean Powell and Zumi from Black lips.


Valfre: Do you have any rituals you do before going on stage? 

Dani: Brush my teeth, drink tea, and cry.



Valfre: Describe yourself in three words.

Dani: Freak of nature.


Valfre: Got any exciting plans for the band in the works?

Dani: Yes! We head to Australia to play Gizz fest next week we are also have a record release there at Roolette Records then we tour Australia with Amyl and the Sniffers then we head out and tour Europe with Wolf Alice! I can’t wait it’s gonna be so much fun.