Music Monday: The Living Roomers

Happy Music Mondays! We finally got the amazing opportunity to catch up with The Living Roomers. Read on to find out how they got their name, the story behind their start, who they're listening to, and more!

How did the band come together? What's the story behind it all?

Tru- We've all known each other for quite some time now, growing up in the same neck of the woods, close quarters and all. At first it was just me writing songs in the living room until Barrett jumped in and started laying down beats. When I ran into Jack at All Your Friends fest about three years ago he picked up the bass and has been a roomer ever since. Lily was the most recent addition and I've known her since we were teeny in elementary school.

What was your inspiration for the band name: The Living Roomers? 

When we started making music, the only place we could play was in the middle of the day in our Living Room. After we got a rough set together we planned a house show but before we went on the cops showed up.. we thought, lets move the instruments inside, the show must go on sort of fiasco. We ended up playing our first show in the same living room that we started practicing in. It was pretty amazing and serendipitous actually. We love the sentiment of a living room, a safe space where people come together. The word "living" is all-encompassing, it's what music is life, is... you know the rest. When Christmas came round my sister Zelda said "I have your Christmas present.. add the letters 'ers' to your band name" and we've been the Living Roomers ever since. Come to a show, become a roomer. 

What was your most memorable show you’ve played?

Our most memorable show is yet to come, be there! Moroccan Lounge December 6th!!! Other than that, the Echo was pretty damn unforgettable. We couldn't really believe it when we got a gig there. Sound check was surreal cause we had all seen so many shows on that stage, so to be standing on it in the same place as some of our friends and heroes was really cool. Not to mention it was a riot AND all ages which not many shows in LA are....which is bullshit! Cause music is for everyone, it sucks when younger kids wanna come and they can't cause they're not 21, (let's make all music shows all ages). Anyway, it was a special night and the sound was Tina Turner style "The Best."

Can you tell us a little more about your style of music ?  

We mostly play fast, loud punk rock music at shows but our style is pretty diverse in the studio and rehearsal space. We're ever-growing and depending on the mood, we go from dreamy grooves to indie sometimes even folky rock. Tru was heavily influenced by Buddy Holly as a kid and you can hear it sneak up sometimes in songs. What remain consistent in our sound are prominent harmonies, dynamic songwriting and the power of the female voice. We make music that makes us move, that makes us see something when we close our eyes. A lot of our songs have break downs, full stops, overlapping vocals, so that we can take you somewhere, it's not meant to be background music. 

Do you have a top three artists that inspires your music? 

Top three always: Beatles, Nirvana and Brian Wilson.
Top three in the moment: Amyl and the Sniffers, Courtney Barnett, Smiile

The visuals for “I Want It” are amazing, from having kaleidoscope scenes, hanging out of a moving car, and jamming out with your mates, what was your favorite part of filming that video? 

The I Want It video was seriously groovy to shoot. The best part of working on anything is feeling like you're making something real. Working with friends helps that tremendously. Taylor and Marcella (who shot the thing) are really down-to-earth and creative so working with them was a highlight. The last shots where we're on top of the car, singing our "ooh aohoo's", was the most FUN part of the shoot... we got some weird looks but I think people were diggin it. It was the last scene of the day and we took turns driving the car and being maniacs, getting loopy and just messing around. Plus, Truman loves her car (Daisy) and any time she can show it off she will haha. 

Click here to watch I Want It!

If you could collaborate with any artist/ musician- who would they be and why? 

If we could collaborate with any artist for album art it'd be Julie Mehretu. She has a show at LACMA right now..check it out LA peeps it's amazing. Her art is multi layered as is our music, you can see and feel movement and life within her works which could mirror us in some ways. Musically, we think something magical and powerful would happen if we worked with the producer Justin Raisen. He's worked with Angel Olsen, Kim Gordon and a ton of other badass women, plus we dig his work, specifically the album "My Woman," it's a masterpiece (in Tru's opinion).  

As the year is at an end, what's in store for 2020?

2020 is gonna be the best year yet for TLR. We're finally going to release some of the music we've been sitting on for a while now. We've been recording and mixing the pot, just prepping it to serve. I heard a roomer we have another music video in our back pocket? And perhaps a yin yang themed double EP?? Could all just be fanciful secrets. Only 2020 will tell, but we are very excited for the music that awaits the new year. 

From traveling and playing numerous shows, what’s your go to snack before playing a show?  

Favorite snack: BANANANANANAs.. until they get old, everything gets old after a while. Except in Jack's case, his snack is definitely three chicken tacos from chipotle, and it has been that way since before he joined the band. 

Roomer has it, Dewey’s still in his case, is this true? 

The roomers are true, if a case is open, Dewey is in it.