Music Monday: Uffie

We caught up with Myspace superstar and blast from the past, Uffie, on her music comeback after a 9 year hiatus, new record Tokyo Love Hotel, how the industry has changed, and what the future holds. 

You've been called the Queen of MySpace, give us some details on your start on MySpace. 

My first track was supposed to be a one off… but all my friends had Myspace music profiles and I obviously wanted one as well. The song kind of just went viral (thanks to the ability to have a song playing on your page). It was an incredibly special time and started the merging of music and social media that exists today. I booked my first overseas tour solo through MySpace. It was quite mad.

You released Tokyo Love Hotel a couple of months ago, how do you feel about being back in the music scene? 

Great! The industry has changed quite a bit, but I’m doing the thing I love most with the people I love most… what more could you want from life?

Do you feel there is a huge difference in terms of the music industry from your first album and your latest? 

Absolutely… while social media was becoming a thing when I started, it plays a much larger role now. Streaming overshadowing radio is also a big difference. What I find exciting in it is the opportunity it gives to independent artists. A hit can come from a bedroom now.

What's your favorite track on Tokyo Love Hotel?

Depends on my mood… but “Sadmoney” and “Papercuts” are very near and dear to my heart.  I truly love each track on this E.P though…

What kept you inspired or motivated during your nine-year hiatus in music? 

I had been on tour so long, it was great to take a break and just grow as a human for a bit and focus on my family. As a writer, life experience and growth is so necessary and I think my hiatus gave me the chance to do just that and come back with a new perspective of exactly what I want to share.

What did you miss most about making music?

The process of making music. Self-expression in a way I understand most.  But whats funny is how I work now is completely different. There is this incredible community in L.A that enables you to write new songs everyday with incredible talented people… I was more about touring before whereas now I want to be in studio creating everyday.

We loved your feature on the Charli XCX song Babygirl. What's your dream music collaboration?

I love Charli so much… probably Kendrick Lamar, Post Malone, or Swae Lee.

Describe your fashion style in three words.  Chic (with a) street (edge) and fun


Can you share what's next for you? 

I have a new single coming out very soon called No Take Me Backs.  It’s a very very fun one and new direction :)