Music Mondays: Lolo Zouai

We adventured around NYC last week with R&B queen, Lolo Zouai. Read on to find out how her music venture began, what city she thrives in, and her favorite spot to chill in the big apple.  
Tell us how about your music and how your venture began.
Damn. I've wanted to be a singer since I was a kid. I wrote my first song in the first grade, but after high school is when I started taking it seriously. I did one semester of college in Nashville before I dropped out to pursue music. I moved to Paris where I started recording in a legit studio. I couldn't afford living on my own out there so I moved to New York with my mom and met the producer I work with now (Swagg r' Celious). We have a great musical connection. My lyrics are based off of my experiences, which turnout to be pretty empowering for young women. It's dope to think that one song can change someone's life.
Describe a night in the life of Lolo Zouai
It can go a few ways. On an ideal night, I'll be in the studio. If I'm feeling lazy, I'll stay home and work on music or watch Netflix. If I'm in a turn up mood, I'll go out with a few friends. Ever since moving to New York, i've become a little bit of a loner though.
Where or what-or whom do you seek inspiration from for your music?
My lyrics are really personal. I get inspired from my surroundings...relationships, landscapes, and music.

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What brought you into making Options and is it about anyone is specific ;)
Haha. It's not about anyone specifically, its more of a general concept and mindset. This past year I've been getting more into the music industry and people started noticing what me and my producer were doing. I got some "offers on the table" and everything was very exciting. I had to take a step and remind myself that I shouldn't settle for anything that didn't feel right. That goes for business and relationships. Gotta keep my options open, I'm definitely not looking to settle with anyone anytime soon.

You've been traveling a bit lately the last few years of your life, whats your fav big city (or small) to thrive in?

I love traveling! I was born in Paris, so I felt like I had to go back to my hometown and test it out. Living there was a turning point for me, because it's where I started recording forreal. San Francisco is home so I'll always love it, but New York has taught me how to be a hard-worker. It's a tough place to live, but I get shit done.

Where are your fav places to chill in NYC?

Right by the East's so beautiful. I love bubble tea, so any boba place really. The Lower East Side is cool. My favorite place is the studio. I'm extremely comfortable there and I love being productive.

What's next in store for Lolo Zouai and your music?

I'm dropping a new song "So Real" this week on my soundcloud but you can expect my first EP in November. It's on that new wave of r&b, but It's also very unique to me. I've put a lot of time and love into it so I'm really excited to finally release it!
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