Music Mondays: Alisa Xayalith Of The Naked and Famous

One of our favorite rock star babes, Alisa Xayalith ( you may know her from the band The Naked and Famous), stopped by our showroom to talk all things music. Scroll below to read all about the girl gang that keeps her inspired and the inside scoop on what’s to come from Alisa!

The Naked and Famous are known worldwide; growing up did you ever think you would have a career as a singer?

For as long as I can remember, I was always drawn to music more than anything else. In school, I would join vocal groups, choirs, sing in school musicals and participate in school talent shows. It was always my mission to make music a huge part of my life. I went through a lot of highs and lows to make music my career; always knew music would play a huge role in my life. So here I am, ten years later, still doing the damn thing!

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Who are the women who inspire and empower you the most?

When I first started out, the world of music for me was so male-dominated; I found myself occupying my own island. Only within the last couple of years, I have found myself surrounded by incredible women who are creative. I love how we have created this safe space to be able to vent, share frustrations and also have a good laugh! They push me to be the best self I can be and to work hard on my music. We lift each other through the pitfalls and we celebrate our little victories together. I feel so lucky to have found this beautiful tribe of women.

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How would you describe your on-stage style?

I’d like to think my style would change as I change through the years. I like to feel un-restrained when I perform, so my clothing has to feel like a second skin, I don’t like to wear things that restrict my limbs too much. Something that is always in rotation would be a good pair of tailored high waisted pants and heeled boots no higher than 5 inches.

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Which do you enjoy more, touring or producing (in the studio)?

A friend asked me the other day, “what things do you like to do that make you happy?” My mind instantly went to the thought of writing a song that felt good to me. There is nothing else that makes me happier and more satisfied creatively than that. The second part to that is performing songs I’ve written and seeing how it connects with people from all over the world. I enjoy both experiences equally.

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We’ve heard rumors that you will be making a solo album, is it true?! What does that mean for your future with The Naked and Famous?

The rumors are TRUE. I am working on a solo project in-between all things TNAF related. I don’t think that means anything will change for The Naked and Famous, it just means that I have more on my plate and find myself busier than ever! TNAF LP4 is in the works. It’s my first love and will always be top priority no matter what.

Listen to The Naked And Famous latest album, A Still Heart, below! 


Glam provided by Make-Up Artist Maddie North

The Naked And Famous Upcoming Tour Dates!

6/23 – Union Stage – Washington, DC
6/25 – Le Poisson Rouge – New York, NY
6/26 – Le Poisson Rouge – New York, NY
6/27 – Iron Horse Music Hall – Northampton, MA
6/29  – The Queen – Wilmington, DE
7/2  – Space – Evanston, IL
7/15 – Trinity – Bristol, UK
7/16 – Union Chapel – London, UK
7/20 – WUK – Vienna, AT
7/21 – Acoustic Lakeside Festival – Sittersdorf, AT